Last week, the Pioneer Press did a comical dive into the shallow end of the journalism pool, digging up – Sorry, no. They “dug” nothing up about Doug Wardlow’s purported junior high days.   A DFL operative spent weeks shopping the story to every local news outlet.  Only the increasingly loathsome PiPress would take it.

But while the Twin Cities media digs back a couple of decades to find dirt to prop up the increasingly unviable Ellison campaign, the rich journalistic vein that is Keith Ellison’s past remains untapped.

Which is why we had these things called “blogs” 15 years ago.

Thanksfully, some have kept the faith.  Over at Powerline, Scott Johnson just keeps  shining the light down the memory hole – in this case, to 25 years ago, after the murder of Minneapolis police officer Jerry Haaf:

Ellison publicly supported the Haaf murder defendants. In February 1993, he spoke at a demonstration for one of them during his trial. Ellison led the crowd assembled at the courthouse in a chant that was ominous in the context of Haaf’s cold-blooded murder: “We don’t get no justice, you don’t get no peace.” Ellison’s working relationship with Sharif Willis finally came to an end in February 1995, when Willis was convicted in federal court on several counts of drug and gun-related crimes and sent back to prison for 20 years.

Now Keith Ellison seeks Minnesota’s top law enforcement job. In the video below, Doug Wardlow does the job that the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune refuse to do. He tells the highly relevant truth about Keith Ellison.

Oh, there’s more.

4 thoughts on “Bias

  1. Man, I just don’t get it. It’s almost like the journalist community made a bet that they could get anyone, no matter how loathsome, elected to a statewide post. I mean, the Fifth (?) is reliably leftist, where’s the challenge there – an unconvicted bigamist is going to be elected there for chris’sakes. But a statewide race, that’ll take some effort.

  2. She’s not a bigamist. She’s only been married to her brother. She’s never married the guy she’s lived with for 18 years and had 3 kids with.

  3. If being cruel to classmates during junior high was disqualifying, exactly who would be able to run for office except for those who were comatose? And who knew 30 years back whether a kid in junior high really was a “bundle of sticks”, or whether he simply preferred chess to football? I shave someone who was called such in junior high whose wife would assure you that he’s quite heterosexual, and has six kids to prove it.

    And seriously, it’s pretty darned galling that the party of a guy who made his way through high school and college on dope and blow has the nerve to make an issue of stupid stuff during middle school.

  4. The claim against Wardlow was presented as news on the PiPress. The headline about the Haaf case gets the question: “Smear campaign or fair game?” I didn’t bother to read it to find out what they thought.

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