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  1. Actually not to rain on your parade, Mitch. It’s not a ‘woke’ moment for Fedex with the NRA. It’s just a financial thing. Not enough NRA folk were using the program so they changed them into a different program.

  2. I started flying regularly with NWA in ‘93. Switched to Delta when they bought NWA. I was a consistent Gold member, ocaisiomally making Platinum. I cut up my Delta Credit card and switched to American after Delta dissed my NRA. It actually cost me something to make a statement.

    For the last three months, I’ve flown American, and am just 4000 miles from Gold status.

    It won’t cost me nuthin to drop FedEx.

    I am the NRA

  3. FFL holder, modest amount of yearly transactions. I do ship using Fedex. I had no idea they had preferred rates for NRA members.

    The big deal about FedEx and guns is they ostensibly require one to ship handguns overnight, which is about an $85 minimum proposition. There is great sport in subverting this rule and getting your package into the delivery chain with a 2 day sticker, which is $30 or less.

  4. John, seems you’re saying that NRA members should have dropped FedEx a long time ago. Am I reading that right?

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