6 thoughts on “Our Depraved Elites

  1. And here’s a tolerant professor that deserves tenure and a raise. She definitely doesn’t deserve to be fired and blackballed from polite society. (I guess I should apologize for using a racially triggering word.)

  2. All of these “studies” disciplines are poison.
    Essentially they teach supremacy. Your group identity, whatever it is, is the most important important thing about you. It is your fate. Your group identity makes different from and superior to other people. Your group has been oppressed forever by people not in your group. They have conspired to keep you down, and to rob you of your place in the sun. Justice is doing whatever you have to do to get what is rightfully yours as a member of your group.
    Women’s studies, LBGQT studies, black studies, hispanic studies, colonial studies, white supremacy. It’s all the same cup of hemlock.

  3. The bright side of this is that this “studies” professor at least learned enough to say something that reminds me of Odysseus’ treatment of Melanthius. So she’s doing far better than most “studies” professors are capable of, but of course nowhere near as well as the average engineering student who believes that the humanities are a necessary evil required to get one’s degree.

    Seriously, this professor, and thousands like her, are a great reason to return college lending to bankers who would ask “exactly how do you propose to pay back a quarter million bucks in loans with your gender and ethnic studies degree?”. That would kill off “studies” departments so quickly, it would make your head spin.

  4. When are we going to eliminate tenure for the liberal arts? There is absolutely no reason for it.

  5. I almost (almost) miss dog gone commenting here, because she was always going on about violence from the right. And the incidences of violence from the left keep piling up; wonder what she would say

  6. BikeBubba – you are so on target. Private lenders would never take on the risk of student loans for those degrees. Or conversely, they would be accused of bias if they offered different interest rates based on objective criteria.

    Engineering degree with a 32 ACT – 4%. Wymyn’s Studies with a 21ACT – 18%? Wouldn’t seem out of the realm of possibility for a rational lender with their own money on the line.

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