For Heaven’s Sake, Mayor Daley…

…after nine people are killed in your cesspool of a city over the Thanksgiving weekend, for the love of all that is Holy, by all means make sure you keep guns out of the hands of the law-abiding

Because heaven only knows what’d happen if the scum that pervade Chicago (I’m talking about the ones that haven’t been elected to office yet, just to be clear) had to worry about the law-abiding citizen lighting them up.

And by all means, spend millions defending your deeply authoritarian (and hypocritical) gun ban against the NRA and its associated phalanx of real Americans, as your children are being massacred in the streets with impunity.

Good to know you’ve got your priorities straight.

How many of those nine funerals will you be attending, Sauron Mayor Daley?

2 thoughts on “For Heaven’s Sake, Mayor Daley…

  1. According to, which has no reason to underestimate, a total of 90 civilians died violently in Iraq during the entire month of November. So where would you rather live?

  2. If it wasn’t for the summer’s I’d like Iraq. Also I think (and I only say this with some jest) that there should be a guns for food program started. Every dollar worth of food you donate (pending a background check) is worth 2 dollars towards the purchase of a gun or ammo. Kills two birds with one stone. And if it works in Chicago, make it nationwide.

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