A Thorough Investigation

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Senate Judiciary Committee should subpoena Keith Ellison.  He says both women accusing him of sexual assault are lying.
Based on the testimony of our esteemed colleague in the House, the Senate Judiciary Committee can make a finding that women do, in fact, lie about sexual assault. So we don’t have to take the woman’s word for it.
Therefore, we can examine these claims against Judge Kavanaugh dispassionately, with a look toward evidence rather than automatic acceptance, since we know official Democratic Party policy is that women lie about sexual assault.

And having done our thorough investigation can we conclude this witness is also lying, just like the women are lying against Keith Ellison, and therefore there’s no obstacle to confirming Judge Kavanaugh.
We confidently expect every Democrat member of this committee to reject the lies and join us in recommending the Senate confirm him.
Joe doakes

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