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An accident at the Steamboat Days parade in Carver County yesterday left GOP Secretary of State candidate John Howe and his campaign manager Tim Droogsma injured.

The float had just completed the Steamboat Days parade and was heading to back to the staging location when the accident occurred, according to Amy Koch, the campaign manager for Republican candidate for Senate Karin Housley. Koch said the tractor pulling the float sped up and hit a curb.

John Howe, the candidate for Secretary of State said he was thrown to the pavement along with his campaign manager, Tim Droogsma. Howe spoke to MPR News while being transported by ambulance to Hennepin County Medical Center. Howe said it appeared the flatbed trailer ran over Tim Droogsma his campaign manager.

Here’s the part I thought was interesting:  when the accident happened,  GOP Senate candidate Jim Newberger – a paramedic when he’s not in the State House – responded.  Amy Koch directed traffic,  Other GOP officials and candidates stepped in with their own expertises.

If this had been a DFL float accident, the place would have been flooded with grief counselors and personal injury attorneys.

Sometimes, I’m glad to be a Republican.

UPDATE: and sometimes I’m even happier that I’m just not a Democrat:

Howe got this response:

Remember – Democrats are the party of compassion.

A little checking turned up that the “woman” sending this charming Mrs. is a Hennepin county employee – a rent seeking DFL client.

7 thoughts on “Can Do

  1. if I were the MNGOP I’d put ms Carlie Morin’s name on the mailing list of every Republican candidate in the state for at least the next 2 election cycles – from her reaction I’d be willing to bet she’s got blood pressure/hypertension problems that could be exacerbated by a continuing exposure to “toxic” GOP viewpoints.

  2. I’m not saying that everyone that votes democrat is a vitriolic harridan, but everyone that is a vitriolic harridan votes democrat.

  3. Its funny because if a Republican did this after something happened to a Democrat poltician it would be the lead stpry on 4,5,,9, and 11 local news and be talked about endlessly on MPR but a democrat does it so the media makes sure people realize this didnt happen or isnt a story.

  4. Apropos of nothing, I’m guessing Ms. Morin hasn’t seen her toes since she was in grade 8, is a regular user of purple hair die and a #3 hair clipper guard.

    She will also probably regret the hole in her septum when it stretches big enough in her old age to pass a golf ball through.

  5. Update: Claudette Moran of little falls is actually a foul mouthed nit wit that managed to consume air for 71 years and not let any significant wisdom sully her delusions.

    May a catastrophic aneurism end her suffering.

  6. Thank you for not blotting out her contact info. I will also not blot it out when I post this pic in the 2 Deplorables groups in which I am a member on FB.

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