Wait For It…Wait For It…

I’ve worked for two companies based in Jacksonville over the years.

At one of them, I stayed frequently at the riverfront Hyatt, along the Saint Johns river, a picturesque estuarial bend that separates downtown Jax from San Marco.

I routinely walked up the promenade to Jacksonville Landing when I had an evening to spare and an expense-account dinner to scare up.

And while it wasn’t really much of an issue for me while traveling, I thought I’d made a mental note that it was a “Gun Free Zone”.

And I was right.   Just like Pulse Nightclub and Parkland High School, the law-abiding citizen is completely disarmed at Jax Landing, where yesterday’s spree shooting took place.

It’s getting too predictable.

3 thoughts on “Wait For It…Wait For It…

  1. A column on Vox confidently assured me that America does not have an untreated mental health problem, it has a gun problem. In the past, I’ve joked that Liberals’ solution is a giant magnet to suck every gun out of the nation but that won’t work because it won’t reach the undetectable plastic ones. Now, I suspect their actual solution is a legion of searchers going door-to-door with metal detectors and explosive-sniffing dogs. We can give them snappy uniforms, brown shirts with black armbands, just as soon as we get rid of those pesky Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

    I wonder how they plan to secure the borders to prevent resupply by the same smugglers who now bring in drugs and sex slaves? Brings up the age-old question: which weighs more, a pound of grass or a pound of bullets? Doesn’t seem like it’d make much difference to the mule forced to carry it.

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