6 thoughts on “Berg’s Seventh Law Is Getting Worn Flat From Overuse

  1. Just out of curiosity, I took a look at Argento’s curriculum vitae, and what strikes me is that her father, with whom she never had a close relationship, was a horror movie producer who would read the scripts to his children as bedtime stories. She ran away from home at age 14, returning, apparently, to star in one of her father’s horror movies.

    We are not talking a “Leave it to Beaver” childhood, and one has to wonder whether Weinstein is simply one with that “sixth sense” of which actresses are vulnerable–at least until they aren’t.

    Regarding the accusations against her, it’s well known that people who are abused tend to become abusers at a greater rate than usual–so does this really come as that much of a shock? She had been trained for two decades to do exactly what she did.

    I’d personally love to see abusive priests start to tell their stories to good psychologists to get a good picture of what kinds of things are linked to them going wrong, to be honest.

  2. Perhaps you are right, bikebubba, but lets not lose sight of the corrosive effects of power within an anything goes subculture.

  3. the Left is going to have a come to Jesus (or whatever deity they worship now) moment when they realize that yes, despite their propaganda women can rape men and it is much more common, but due to laws and embarrassment on the guys part, it is seldom reported and to my knowledge never prosecuted but it happens.

  4. Greg, no argument there; I’d simply argue that it’s how the poisonous subculture works. Porky Weinstein meets Argento, thinks she must be easy, uses screen test to (a) figure that out and (b) prepare her for what she’s going to have to do onscreen. Argento simply repeats the pattern. Assuming the allegations are true, both are criminals, Argento at least is also a victim. Perhaps even Weinstein.

    Along with POD, I can’t wait for #MenToo to get going and really raise Hell about what goes on in the movies. And it is my hope and prayer that Larry Nassar finds someone he trusts to tell his story in the same way Ted Bundy talked to James Dobson. I suspect that the answers he might give will raise Hell among progressives in the same way that Bundy’s answers did.

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