Wrap Your Head Around This

Check out the tone in this tweet from Monday:

That’s an American newspaper, writing about a dictator whose government is holding an American hostage – and who has strongarmed most of the formerly independent Turkish media into submission, which normally is a big deal to, y’know, America’s ruggedly independent media, as well – with a tone usually reserved for a plucky single mom saving her home from greedy corporate raiders who want to use eminent domain to build a toxic waste dispenser.

Because Trump.

4 thoughts on “Wrap Your Head Around This

  1. The WaPo’s hero, Tayyip Erdogan:
    First the good news: Turkey, which is already the worst jailer of journalists in the world, may no longer need to put newsmen and -women behind bars. The bad news, however, is that there may no longer be any journalists left with sufficient editorial liberty to anger Turkey’s Islamist strongman, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This is because what most viewed as the last bastion of critical journalism in the mainstream press has been sold to a pro-Erdoğan businessman.

  2. BREAKING NEWS (AP) October 3, 2018.

    In the growing battle of words between (wannabe or otherwise) authoritarian dictators, Donald Trump announces that America will boycott Turkey for Thanksgiving.

  3. Surely the ACLU will stand up for the first amendment?
    Uh, no:

    Work to protect speech rights may raise tensions with racial justice, reproductive freedom, or a myriad of other rights, where the content of the speech we seek to protect conflicts with our policies on those matters, and/or otherwise is
    directed at menacing vulnerable groups or individuals. At the same time, work to advance equality may create tensions with speech and religious liberty, where equality demands require individuals or institutions to limit their speech or to act in ways that contradict their religious beliefs. Privacy safeguards may create tensions with protections for women in the domestic sphere.


    The leaked ACLU doc begins with the statement “The ACLU is the premier defender of the Bill of Rights ”

    I left it out because the rest of the doc contradicts this. It is boilerplate. None of the so-called civil rights issues they mention as needing to compromise their support of the first amendment are found in the bill of rights. None of them are found in the constitution at all, other than by a tendentious interpretation of the 14th amendment (which is not part of the bill of rights, of course).
    I suspect that what happened to the ACLU is what has happened to so many other organizations that are built around the idea of protecting civil rights — young hardcore race theorists and feminists have worked themselves into policy-making positions. Any attempt to right course and eject them or rein them in is met with accusations of white supremacy.
    The leaked memo is disgusting, shameful, and makes the ACLU a sham of a civil rights organization.

  4. A purely transactional relationship has emerged between Trump and the evangelical electorate: votes in exchange for the projection of an evangelical voice in political affairs. What makes this particular arrangement mildly humorous is that both sides are inwardly smiling, thinking that they are manipulating the other.

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