Henco: Bigger Than The SCOTUS

You will practice your so-called “freedom” the way your betters decree you shall, peasant:

“Sure – indulge in your so-called freedom of speech.  The authorities will have you on record”.

Hennepin County doesn’t recognize the authority of the First Amendment, much less the ‘Supreme Court”.

3 thoughts on “Henco: Bigger Than The SCOTUS

  1. 9 days after the SCOTUS ruling. Quoting the statute that SCOTUS overturned. That’s either incomparable chutzpah or amazing refusal to accept reality.

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  3. Not just Henco. We were given the same instruction, so I suspect it came from our DFL SOS.

    Here’s a thought– Walk into the polls with an “Erin Murphy” patch on your pants, and offer to take them off.

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