Racist Racist Racist!

Wonder why Big Left is bashing so hard on race?

Because if the Democrat party ever drops below 90% of the African American vote, they can never win another national race.


With that in mind – Trump is making noises about sentencing reform:

Attendees described Trump’s support for the initiative as a positive development for the effort to reduce mandatory-minimum prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.

While getting a final bill to Trump would require a Senate vote and then winning House approval for the new package, a second source familiar with the meeting described it as “very successful.”

“It’s not done until it’s done, but we made a lot of progress,” the source said.

Grassley said afterward that he believes prison reform and sentencing reform can be moved in tandem.

And – unexpectedly, and I’m sure utterly unrelatedliy – we’ve got this news:

I’ve never been a Trump fan.  But more and more, I get the impression that while the Democrats are playing checkers, Trump is playing crude, crass-sounding chess.


6 thoughts on “Racist Racist Racist!

  1. Racist Racist Racist!

    If I understand racism correctly, it is hard because the definition keeps changing, racism is NOT hatred or bias against another based solely on race or ethnicity – rather it is the institutional oppression of the powerless by the powerful.

    Therefore Black folks, native Americans, Latinos and women can’t possibly be racist because they have no power and that is why The New York Times new hire, Sarah Jeong, wasn’t racist when she typed her toxic tweets.

    I follow that…

    But here’s the thing, leftists control academia (kindergarten through grad school), they control Hollywood, the print and digital media, and they control the levers of government through the deep state bureaucracy.

    That would make them powerful and it would also make red-neck hicks like me, not powerful at all. Maybe even oppressed.

    So does that mean only leftists can be racist?

    Or does that mean all privileged leftists, like Harvard law school grads who work at The New York Times, are racists?

  2. Greg I am not sure if I know the answer to your question, for sure. But what I do know, is that the people in the commentary left are the ones who are always identifying phrases as “racist dog whistles”. I always thought that if you heard the whistle, it meant you were the dog……..

  3. Loren, I always wondered how their delicate ears could hear dog whistles through the blaring klaxons of racism coming from the left.

  4. The black middle class is growing exponentially. When you dont have to depend on the government, you’re soon going to resent government reaching into your pockets and directing your life.

    Credit where due; the Democrat party Jas kept Negroes down, and destroyed their families beyond the wildest dreams of the Klan. But you can only keep human beings down so long, and the plantation system is finally approaching it’s expiration date.

    That’s when successful blacks that have been called “Tom” will start referring to the leftist Negroes as “Toby”.

  5. If he gets 30 percent of the African American vote CA and NY could be in danger of flipping and ID put his +/- for the electoral college in 2020 at 400

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