One Reason Reason I Love StPaul

There has been a wave of crime, including a fair number of drive-by shootings, in the lower reaches of Saint Pauls North End neighborhood this summer.

Saint Paul being a one party neosocialist dystopia, the city bureaucracy and political class is having the usual reaction; no reaction. It’s just the north end.

But the North End hasn’t gone full-blown Bernie Sanders – not entirely. Even the media is noticing that some North Enders are responding in ways that are completely pathetic and stupid:

Tin Cup’s Owner, Gidget Bailey, told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS she’s obtained a permit to carry and half her staff has done the same so she can have two to three staff members armed with a firearm each night her restaurant is open.

“It is just a shame that it has come to this,” Bailey said. “But, when you have to do this to make sure of your own safety, in a life or death situation, while you’re making an honest living at work is pathetic, just pathetic.”

Mohr, faster, please.

If you live in the north end (Or, let’s be honest, anyplace else), and are interested in seeing to your own defense, holler. Will get you hooked up.

10 thoughts on “One Reason Reason I Love StPaul

  1. Imagine a young man suspected of being employed by a recreational pharmaceutical franchise is innocently exercising his Second Amendment right to openly carry a firearm and his First Amendment right to vigorously express his displeasure at a competitor’s encroachment onto said franchise territory, with gestures as well as words.

    Imagine a woman business owner shoots him dead, claiming she was ‘afraid’ for her safety because of his shouting and waving around the gun.

    What is The Narrative that we’ll see in every news article?

  2. Gidget? Really?

    Joe, you didn’t clarify the religions and race of the parties involved. Or sexual orientation in the case of a tie breaker.

  3. It’s good that they (or anyone else) have their permits soon in the event Bob Fletcher wins another term to his old job as Ramsey Cnty Sheriff. If that comes to pass all that apply for PTC should have the phone number of Marc Berris close at hand.

  4. Every C&C owner should also join the USCCA. Their legal defense package alone makes it worth the cost.

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  6. Scott, I’ve been trying to figure out which Sheriff Candidate is the least bad, not only on 2A issues but also for general shadiness up to just plain corruption. Unfortunately, not even the MN Gun Owners Caucus can make a 2A determination yet.

    Currently, past stories of Fletcher making his deputies pound yard signs pulled out of the trunks of their squad cars onto property lines and vacant properties makes Bob the worst candidate of the two.

  7. Fletcher was poor at issuing permits to carry in the past. He had one of the worst records for being overturned for arbitrarily denying a permit. But taxpayers in Ramsey county were the ones who had to pay for his errors.

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