Shut Up And Sing

I just found out who’s going to be the opening act on the Dixie Chicks 2020 tour of Holiday Inn lounges and fourth tier casinos:

While I have personally been ambivalent about some of the NRA is activities in recent years (at the leadership level), the recent boogieman rhetoric against the group prompted me to pull the trigger and become a a life member, over the past month or so – something I resisted for years.

My only regret about the timing is that I couldn’t do the same again.

10 thoughts on “Shut Up And Sing

  1. Congratulations.

    I worked hard to get my degree and build a career. I love my wife and kids. But one of my proudest moments was the day I became a Life Member.

  2. So odd to read this, as I’m boarding a plane on my new go to airline: American.

    I was a platinum member of Delta for 20 years…But they said they didn’t want to do business with the NRA, so I’m earning status on American.

    See, I AM THE NRA

  3. Never liked ted nugent’s music much but I voted for him everytime he was up for board membership in the hopes that his unrepentant antagonism to PC would counteract some of the mushy appeasement minded members of the board.
    Welcome aboard!

  4. I changed my annual membership to lifetime as soon as that moron David Hogg opened his yapper!

  5. Now that I’m a Life Member I constantly get offers to upgrade to the higher tiers, typically for 20 cents on the dollar. You could upgrade and then thank Mr. Church for his inspiration.

  6. having the right to bear arms is so inconvenient, lets just disarm ourselves like Europe and Australia have done. I mean what could possibly go wrong. \sarc

  7. I blame Mr. Church’s gathering of victims for the shooting as much as I blame the NRA. Which is to say, not at all. The one to blame for the shooting, is the one who operated the trigger.

  8. I feel your motivation. I broke down and after decades of plain membership, I have to say that Her motivated me to Life Member before the last election.

    Speaking of Her and curious political effects, I was watching a bit of TV over the weekend and all I saw was DFL gubernatorial candidate commercials. There’s obviously some serious spending going on there, but concerning this post, I noticed Murphy proudly claiming that she’d “Stop the NRA.” I couldn’t help but to think that if the DFL had plans to become a metro-only party, they couldn’t have endorsed a better candidate than Murphy.

  9. I think it’ll be a short period of time before the “Neighbors for More Neighbors” policy will actually become neighbors eating neighbors. Their density desire will make them a target rich environment, not that past policies haven’t already succeeded in that regard.

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