It’s Every Bit As Scientific As The Strib “Minnesota” Poll

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I’m conducting an unscientific, informal opinion poll.

Question One:  In your workplace, which group is most often late for work: men, women, or equal?

Question Two: Why is that the men’s fault?

Joe Doakes

Privilege, toxicity and racism.  Same as always.

3 thoughts on “It’s Every Bit As Scientific As The Strib “Minnesota” Poll

  1. In my workplace, it’s always the men who are late.

    Of course, that’s because I work in chip design, where there are some women, it’s just very rare and we don’t have any in my group.

  2. same, the closet we have is a woman who doesnt start until 9, but stays until 5. Other than that its always men who are late, except me, I get in at 7 every day. Also I work in customer service related stuff where its split 50-50

  3. Also didnt the “Minnesota Poll” have Hillary winning the state by 10-12 points and she eeked out a 1.5 point win?

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