3 thoughts on “Or, Put Another Way…

  1. In other words, straight from art house to Netflix, but then you have to give the left credit, they built a structure of art houses that created and sustained an audience which makes films like this possible. In turn, the system nurtures a base for writers, directors and actors to ply their hard-left politics.

    So what has right done besides bitch about it?

    I look at novels turned into films like House of Sand and Fog that have a strong conservative theme and who the hell gets to turn it into a screen-play……….? A clown like Shawn Otto.

  2. I am starting to be quite vehement with my family about always consulting IMDB and other resources before we go to the theater, or even rent a movie. It’s especially the case, sad to say, with “family friendly” or “Christian” movies, many of which substitute sickening sweetness and contrived situations for “plot” and “character development.”

  3. Noticed that Scarlett Johannsson just backed out of playing the role of a 250lb transsexual brothel owner. In related news, they were trying to find out if Shawn Kemp would be willing to play the title role in a biopic about Dom DeLouise.

    Honestly, whatever happened to the notion of “believeability” in Hollyweird?

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