Why I Worry About The American Left

Can you – the relatively normal reader – imagine treating something like this as an accomplishment?

It’s Ron Perlman – a great actor and supremely weird but impeccably hard-left person.

8 thoughts on “Why I Worry About The American Left

  1. I’m positive it sounded better in his head when he thought it up, but now he will never be able to live down. Ron “Pisshand” Perlman. Oh, yeah, wasn’t he an actor too?

    A someone responded below on the feed, “Yeah, why alert authorities, possibly preventing future assaults, when you can secretly pee on your hand and randomly tweet about it one day?”

  2. “Pisshand Perlman” Endorsed!

    Seriously though, this brings up a subject we all need to be aware of. Leftists are over represented in the food service industry; it’s a mainstay for “___” Studies majors.

    Tainted food is more a real possibility, it’s a regularly reported reality; it’s how low IQ, powerless losers fight back. Have a care when you eat at public houses, and you really didn’t need another reason never to eat at a fast food franchise (to say nothing of shaking hands with a leftist reprobate), but there it is…..

  3. I had thought that “hippies smell” was just a dig at the left. Apparently it’s a real deal. Now we can walk around leftists and say “hey, your new cologne smells like piss.”

    And perhaps instead of “leftists”, we might describe many of them as “passive-aggressive”? I’ve resisted saying this, but perhaps Michael Savage had a point when he claimed that liberalism is a mental illness.

  4. Wasn’t it hilarious when Rose McGowan wore a pussy hat and denounced Trump & all consrvatives as sexist pigs, when the only man who had ever sexually assaulted her was ultra-liberal Harvey Weinstein?
    moral authority of the Left = zero, and moral arguments are all they’ve got.

  5. Perlman thinks he’s some kind of tough guy because he played one on TV. I’ve known quite a few hardcore bikers that would stomp the snot out of him if he tried to shake their hand, especially now that he’s revealed his lavatory habits. I’m willing to bet big money he won’t be glad handing any of the “Bikers for Trump”.

  6. Scott, I’m acquainted with members of some MC’s. None have a very high opinion of Perlman & Co.

  7. Swiftee, Yup me too, although its been some years now and the faces of the clubs has changed over time. Most all of the folks in my riding circle wouldn’t give the Son’s of A pretenders the time of day. A guy like Perlman letting his mouth run would likely get an earful from most, or even b-slapped by some.

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