Kennedy Heads To Shady Acres

From NBC:

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire from the highest U.S. court, giving President Donald Trump another chance to fundamentally reshape the top of the judiciary.

Anthony Kennedy is retiring.

  1. This is yuge.
  2. The culture war is about to get a *lot* hotter.
  3. While I’ve been a Trump non-fan for thirty years, I said before the 2016 election that if he nominated *one* good conservative SCOTUS justice, his time in office would be well spent. He’s got a shot at two, now. Little as I care for Trump, I might actually start getting just a little tired of winning after all. But I’ll get my second wind, fear not.

    Barring a Democrat sweep of the Presidency and Senate in 2020, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to die sitting in her seat. And given the influence of Chicago democrats on capital hill, perhaps even beyond.

22 thoughts on “Kennedy Heads To Shady Acres

  1. Odds are there wont be a confirmation until after the 2018 election, I dont see Trump being able to push through anyone with conservative credentials on a strict party line vote, unless he peels off some Dems in deep red states whose seats are in major peril

  2. I hope Trump is wise enough to name Kennedy’s replacement by Friday afternoon – using the July 4th week to thoroughly diffuse the progressive outrage machine – most people will be away on vacation so when they pay attention to the news again the nominee will already be old news. McConnell has already announced the cancellation of the August Senate recess so the stage is set for a truly beastly “Long Hot Summer” in DC

  3. (Cue the Beatles, “Magical Mystery Tour”)

    This is great news. Kennedy was your classic conservative who had the capacity to “grow.” The formula is to hammer on the conservative justice in media sites in his early days as a “hardliner” and then send puff pieces through the Washington Post when needed to show the target is starting to understand how a “living constitution” works. He doesn’t have to be hated all his life if he can “grow”.

    More than any other judge Kennedy represented for me the decline of the rule of law with his drivel about “the mystery of life” and navel gazing about the mystery of our written constitution. Perhaps he found life mysterious for many years and should have accepted retirement long ago.

  4. It is good, but for the second time, Trump will be replacing a conservative with a conservative (ok…a mostly conservative in Kennedy’s case).

    When Breyer or RBG decide to exit stage left, expect the left to explode like we’ve never seen before.

  5. Yeee Haw! Honestly, I haven’t been this happy since Jan1, 1981.

    This means the end of the steamroller that has driven the most egregious attacks on America. Free at last, free at last Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!

    BTW, can Ginsburg last another year? Doubt it.

    Trump will be the most influential President since FDR…who’d a thunk it?

  6. the Left would have a collective seizure if Cruz gets nominated to replace RBG

  7. Pig, that would be a genius move, I will actually be headed to Williamsburg VA the week of the 4th to see my Mom, my Uncle actually works at the Pentagon for the DOT. Ill give a report from there.

  8. Bill, I want a conservative majority, but not a solid conservative court. Conservative jurists have their weak spots, especially where the rights of cops are concerned, ie: search and seizure, shady confessions, intimidation & etc.

    We need a couple of toothless leftists on there to whine enough to keep everyone honest.

  9. I keep hearing from the left that the future is non white and non male. I would love to see Trump meet that with a competent conservative woman. Too bad Janice Rogers Brown is retired. He could go with an atypical choice of someone without a law degree like Alveda King.

  10. nah, mjb. Why play their stinking game? If there was a solid conservative \ male \ genetic albino lower court justice out there somewhere, now would be the time to nominate him.

    Too bad Johnny Winter didn’t go to law school…we could Rock the court!

  11. I believe Trump already has a list of 20 – 25 candidates anticipating Kennedy’s retirement, and it’s been said the list is very strong on originalism. I think it’s likely he’ll make that list public very quickly.

    One has to wonder when the Ginsberg and possibly Brewer seats open up, they are 85 and 80 years of age respectively. The next oldest is Thomas at about 70, I pray he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    It will be fun watching the Dems heads explode, I’m buying popcorn futures!

  12. It is time to remind our liberal friends that they can make anything constitutional. They just need to Convince two thirds of the house and Senate to vote Yes on their amendment.

  13. Cryin’ Chuck is already sqwauking they Trump should wait until after the Midterms and our Senator of Small Things has chimed in that she hopes Trump chooses a judge that looks at both sides equally.


    Sure, he’ll get right on that!

  14. Seems to me that one of things that pushed the envelope for a Trump presidency was the replacement of Scalia on the bench. With this next midterm coming up I sense the potential for a groundswell of electorate coming up that will likely move in the direction of a GOP “red wave” that will assure that a constitutionalist will secure the SCOTUS seat. Watching Trump’s rallies in Fargo and Duluth recently you to wonder who the Dems have to stem the tide of his popularity and the impact that could have on election of Dem candidates.

    I believe that with the exposure of Dem shenanigans in the 2016 election will have severe consequences on how they do in the 2018 midterms, that may well be the October surprise. That may lead to a “Trumping” of the Dems and the SCOTUS appointment(s) will be small potatoes in the bigger picture. The Dems could become the minority party for a generation or more.

    That would work for me; “F” the socialist bastards!!!!!

  15. Our Senator of Small Things (aka Vanilla Fluff), already supported Joseph Stras for the 8th Circuit even though Franken, and then Frau Blucher, voted against him. Sen. Amy even introduced Judge Stras after he was confirmed. His path to the SCOTUS might not be as hard. Justice Alan Page, no conservative, even sided with Stras on 30% of his decisions.

    As for Ted Cruz, or Mike Lee for that matter, I don’t think a legislator (other than Hillary) can get through the hearings because of their voting trail. It would be hard to argue that you have an unformed opinion.

  16. it won’t be Cruz this time around – he’s running for re-election, him leaving the senate this late in the election cycle would give his seat to the Dems, but if Ginsburg drops off the twig sometime after the election I could see him being interested

  17. I think it will be a woman, either Amy Coney Barrett, Joan Larsen, or Margaret “Meg” Ryan. Diane Sykes would be great, but she’s already 60 and Trump would want to name someone younger. Barrett is only 46 and could easily be on the Court for 30+ years.

  18. We will now have the opportunity to move closer to a court which upholds the law, rather than writing new law.

  19. If America under Trump really is the totalitarian state the Left asserts it is, and Notorious RBG is the bulwark standing against him, why isn’t she dead of “suicide,” or from a “heart attack,” or been poisoned by an umbrella? Why aren’t comics holding up her severed head? Why isn’t social media filled with demands that she be killed? Why isn’t the IRS auditing her and the FBI investigating her friends and social workers threatening to put her grandchildren into foster care, unless she resigns? Why aren’t the Literally Nazis doing any of the things the literal Nazis did?

  20. Joe, I need to steal that comment and post it elsewhere. I’ll attribute it to an “unnamed blog commenter”.

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