Things I Never Thought I’d See

A worthwhile speech at an MTV Awards show:

David French noticed it:

Look, I know Pratt’s speech wasn’t exactly the message a Baptist preacher would share, but it’s an antidote against a lie. He’s speaking to a generation of young people who know that something is very deeply wrong. It’s a generation wracked by depression and anxiety in spite — or perhaps because — of the fact that they’ve been told time and again how perfect they are….

We conservatives spend a lot of time sharing outrageous celebrity clips. We grit our teeth through awards shows. And we properly lament messages that have distorted our culture. But every now and then, there’s a ray of light, and it can come from unlikely sources, including from the lead singer of the fictional band “Mouse Rat.” Last night, Pratt used his platform to share some important truths. Yes, it’s a small drop of reality in an ocean of cultural lies, but we can still hope those truths find purchase. Or, to put our plea in the words of our Savior: He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

So go forth and don’t be a turd.

2 thoughts on “Things I Never Thought I’d See

  1. Heard this on Glenn Beck’s show yesterday.

    You are correct. It’s nice to hear that kind of acceptance speech from an actor.

  2. when I start my family Ill do my own personal part to change the declining birth rate, I hope to have 4+ kids. Also hes speaking to Generation Z, not millineals. One my generation is beyond a lost cause and 2 Gen Z is looking to be staunchly conservative, my generation is left by a 2:1 margin if not more. Chris Pratt, unlike 99.8% of Hollywood, gets it. Its part of the reason I really like him. Go back and watch old Parks and Rec episodes, him and Ron Swanson carried that freaking show because they were different from characters that youd typically see on a primetime TV show these days.

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