The Tyranny Of Small Evils

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

In the late 1700’s, people protested to win their independence.  In the 1850’s, people protested to free the slaves. In the 1920’s, people protested to get votes for women. In the 1960’s, people protested to get civil rights for Blacks. In the 1970’s, people protested the Vietnam War.  The people who protested in those Great Causes got to brag to future generations about how they changed the world.  But notice how the causes got smaller, less significant, as we ran out of great evils to protest.  How does this generation validate itself? What’s left to change? Global warming?  Transgender bathrooms?  Hate Trump?  Russian influence on social media? Trivia.
We need a Cause.
Joe Doakes

“Hate Trump” seems to be serving for the moment.

1 thought on “The Tyranny Of Small Evils

  1. This is the weirdest season of The Apprentice ever, without a doubt.

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