You Got Problems. Joe Doakes Has Answers.

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Chicago PD needs to get guns off the streets of those neighborhoods.  You know what would get guns off the streets?  Stop-and-frisk.  Don’t even bother to arrest the people in possession – that raises all the Fourth Amendment defenses and exacerbates racial disparity in convictions – just take the guns from people who shouldn’t be carrying them, and auction the guns to lawful buyers to fund midnight basketball programs.  Who could possibly object to that?

Joe Doakes

No rational person.

But then, I’m tacitly repeating myself, here.

3 thoughts on “You Got Problems. Joe Doakes Has Answers.

  1. There are solid, rational objections to stop and frisk that can be articulated

  2. Its of dubious constitutionality, such that it withstands constitutional scrutiny sometimes.

    As a practical matter there’s no reason to force police contact on people who haven’t done anything when, ya know, we have abysmal policing in this country and things can go bad in police / citizen contacts for almost no reason.

    So yeah, rational reasons can be articulated.

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