Homeowner Privilege. No, Really.

A friend of the blog writes:

There are a lot of heated conversations on my neighborhood’s Nextdoor about the new Minneapolis 2040 plan. Southwest Minneapolis is NOT in favor of higher density. The NIMBY principle is rising to a new high dudgeon. I posted the idea below a little bit ago on a post about some cards that are being sent out. Some critics of the plan (not me) have received the card below. I wrote a lengthy proposition to my neighbors. Enjoy.

The friend sends a posting:

If you look at my picture, you will quickly realize that I am no revolutionary. But I am in favor of local democracy which seems more and more like a revolutionary idea. Many people including me who live in Minneapolis do not want this increased density. However a growing number of Minneapolitans do want it. Have we reached a tipping point in those who do want more density? The attached flyer above shows the animosity and shaming being done to those of us who believe a healthy city will have wide swaths of single family domiciles with very few multiunit dwelling structures.


As with others here I am not very likely to be swayed by such shaming.

It’s not race or class it’s economics. Other people in my social circles with whom I am close have also let me know in clear terms that they are not sympathetic to keeping multiunit dwellings out of historically single family home neighborhoods. Those people clearly tell me that they have no sympathy and it is about time that our neighborhoods begin to look more like their parts of Minneapolis. All of this leads me to propose to my fellow citizens that we consider a drastic thought…seceding from Minneapolis. This is not said lightly nor in jest. But it appears it may be the only way to preserve our desired neighborhoods of single family homes. We are rapidly becoming subject to a majority who have no serious sympathy for a different point of view. Edina recently rejected some of these high density development projects. Perhaps the residents of Edina might welcome us. It would be expensive and difficult to extract ourselves from Minneapolis but for many of us, our largest asset is our home. Those asset values are at risk if our fair city decides to allow large dwellings to rise in single family neighborhoods without adequate parking, etc. Of course I have the option to move now to a city more tolerant of my point of view like Edina (in a much smaller house). Sincerely I think that Minneapolis is better off with the diversity of higher density areas and sections that are reserved for overhwhelmingly single family homes. We need diversity of thought in this city and having diversity of neighborhoods will encourage that diversity. Maybe secession is just too unpalletable to my fellow citizens or perhaps the 2040 plan is just not a big enough issue. Please save your comments on my being crazy and if you are not interested this idea will die a natural death. Is there any appetite for such a plan? Words may not be enough to convince our fellow citizens, we may need a more active protest…maybe a lawful drastic plan like secession.

I love the idea of seceding from Minneapolis.  Or trying.

But Minneapolis is full of people, like Saint Paul, who whinge about DFL policies that impact them badly – and there are a zillion of them in both cities – and yet would never dream of voting for the opposition.

Until that changes, I’m dubious anything can happen.

I’d love to be surprised.

11 thoughts on “Homeowner Privilege. No, Really.

  1. ..and yet would never dream of voting for the opposition.

    You get what you vote for.

  2. The people behind “N4MN” are likely tied to developers and financiers who will make money from building high density housing.

  3. The phrase “Homeowner Privilege” is not an accident, it’s an analogue to “White Privilege.” Both occur when you were gifted with an extravagant benefit that you did not earn and therefore don’t deserve.

    Worse, since you have it, I don’t, and you’re unwilling to share, that makes you a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner, a morally deplorable person who probably voted for Trump, besides.

    This is not Who We Are in Minneapolis. There is no place for you in Utopia, you wrecker, you saboteur, you kulak. We have no compassion for you, no remorse, no more than we’d feel stamping on a spider or killing a snake.

  4. I feel sorry for my MN friends. I know what it feels like when the place you grew up suddenly starts looking like a very bad place to be. That’s why I packed up a moving truck, left California and moved to Minnesota with no friends, house or job waiting. I didn’t give a shit, all I knew was I wasn’t willing to spend one more minute, or penny in a state that was telling me everything I believed in was not just wrong, but bad.

    I picked MN because I believed it was full of good, Midwestern people, a good place to raise my kids. And it *was*, for about 10 years; then it started down a path that was all to familiar to me. I knew when it was time to GTFO.

    Being the current year, I was able to look for a job before packing my shit up again and leaving, but I’d have left anyway. I believe in my RIGHT to the pursuit of happiness, and I REFUSE to live among people I loath. I now live in a state where I am literally surrounded by “my people”; a state that will be the very last place in the country to fall to the leftist disease. I’m making my stand here.

    Personally, I think MN is too far gone to save in any case, but especially so because the real Americans there have admitted defeat. There is some new outrage every damn day in the newspapers and on the news; there’s literally not one aspect of traditional, Western and American life that is not under attack…but no one is willing to do anything but complain about it among themselves.

    Y’all have 2 choices as I see it:

    1. Admit defeat and plan your move before you’re too damn old to do it. Sell your house and let them convert it into a commune.

    2. Admit defeat, STFU and embrace the insanity.

  5. One last thing. I’m still in contact with a lot of the guys I went to high school with in Cali. We were all like minded guys; guns, hunting, fishing, motorcycles, fast cars, hot chicks and good beer topped our lists. We helped one another improve the first houses we bought; went to one anther’s weddings and moved in with one another when the wheels fell off marriages…we believed we’d be pals for life. I was the first to leave, and several others said they were ready to go, too. Some actually did leave, but lots stayed.

    I talk to a couple of them on a weekly basis. The first guy I met when we moved to Cali (when I was 10), who I consider one of my best and closest friends inherited the finest weapons collection I’ve ever had the opportunity to handle and shoot from his dad. We’re talking world class, one of a kind stuff.

    When we were young Turks, “Greg” and I would go to the range every Saturday, and his dad would pack along something special that would have a crowd of admirers around us in a minute. We shot, literally, tens of thousands of rounds, most of which were reloaded by his dad.

    The range is closed, naturally, and Greg would have to drive for 3 hours (if traffic was light) to get to the nearest one now, but he can’t even do that in peace because several of the weapons he inherited (and purchased since) are illegal now in Cali. I understand he’s moved them to a condo in Nevada that another of our friends rents.

    I asked him how he could stand it, and it was clear that he was a frog in the boiling water. It just didn’t seem like that big a deal anymore; he can always look at his collection. The homos down the block, keeping two poor little boys captive, aren’t that bad, even though he wishes they wouldn’t be so vocal about their PRIDE.

    He’s learned to speak decent Spanish, and the KILLER BURRITOS!. The taxes, well hell, he’s making mid six figures now, so it’s all good; even if he’s not keeping 1/2 of it. Worst of all, he cannot fly an American flag in his yard, because the HOA his $1.75 million 3 bedroom house is located in has decided it’s not worth the trouble that has arisen at other HOA’s. I reminded him that his dad, who retired from the Army and ALWAYS had a flag flying is rolling in his honorable grave; he agreed, but “what are you gonna do?”

    I’ll always be friends with Greg, he’s a loyal guy with a good heart, but he is thoroughly cucked. I wouldn’t want him to move to my state because he’s just too “Californicated”.

    My point is this: Liberalism is a communicable, chronic disease. The longer you’re exposed, the deeper the infection will get. And if you manage to stave off the infection, you’ll end up being the crabby old White Guy on your block.

  6. And what, pray tell, kind of privilege is it that makes one believe they are entitled to something that someone else worked for? The postcard even acknowledges that the homeowners came and added value where it had been missing, yet they can’t wait to make them move on. At least they didnt say, “You didn’t build that.”

  7. These people are so nuts even Orwell couldn’t have seen them coming.

  8. Mpls high density housing plans have a long term political goal. Given the current culture of Mpls the people they do entice into their planned utopian warren of high rises and multi-family housing units will be self selecting “progressives” and refugees from California. If the city can boost its population back to 1950 levels (500k and above) they will establish a reliable monolithic voting block that will allow them to completely neutralize outstate “red” voters for all statewide offices. This dream as it was explained to me a decade ago, by a La Raza member who is a current DFL office holder, is to establish Mpls/St Paul as the untouchable seat of all political power in MN because “no one would have to campaign out of the city any more”

  9. Swiftee was right earlier on when he referred to some of these collective cesspools as “shitholes”. The only option is to escape from the cities as a minimum and out of state as a better option. I’m many years out of the TC’s and considering leaving MN in my rear window now. I’ve worked for many years to be in a position to do just that. I’m about ready to let the progs, socialists, and collectivists rot in the hellhole they’ve created.

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