As A Million Men Agree Vigorously And Stay Out Of The Way

Lena Dunham on Twitter:

Your wish is my command, Ms. Dunham. Blunder away.

9 thoughts on “As A Million Men Agree Vigorously And Stay Out Of The Way

  1. If feminists like her had their way, there would be no burly men working on sewers so no need for manholes. When the sewer plant breaks down, we’ll squat in the bushes until dysentery and cholera wipes out most of the town, after which we’ll sacrifice some virgins to appease the gods to ward off “bad luck.”

    The way we’ve done it for thousands of years, before burly men built Western Civilization, the way life still is lived in Haiti. Simple. In touch with nature. Short.

  2. Exactly how is common courtesy on the part of a male an offense to feminism?

  3. I’m really kind of astounded at the hubris of that tweet. I mean, falling in a manhole is dangerous to the point of deadly and potentially filthy. Now times a million? As opposed to accepting a “common” courtesy? Really?

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  5. Well jimf, I’m pretty sure Dunham believes that to be a feminist like her gals must have genital barnacles and suffer from untreatable STD’s.

  6. I have a friend who was a 20 – year navy guy (now retired). He spent most of time on submarines, and he has a “colorful” way of speaking. Anyways, he sometimes says things that crack me up, because it’s half navy slang mixed with some bits of Hawaiian pidgin. When I told him that a guy at our company had refused to back up a female coworker at a meeting after promising to do so, and done it a cowardly way, my friend spit and said “broke-d*ck motherf*cker!.” When a particularly nasty and unattractive woman confronted him and scolded him about his swearing, he told me “what a waste of t*ts.”
    That’s what I think about Lena Dunham. What a waste of t*ts.

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