Peasants: Your Overlords Grant You Clemency!

StPaul residence now have until Friday to pick a trash cart…

… to replace the perfectly good trash buckets they had from the perfectly good trash haulers that, in many cases, they’ve been happily using for years. (Like my own trash hauler of this past decade, Highland Sanitation; if you live in their service area, they come highly recommended).

And if you are a low income or fixed income person who has been extemporizing by sharing a bucket contract with another neighbor?

Shush, present, and be happy to pay for your bureaucrats pensions!:

“Each unit does need to have its own cart and service,” \said Lisa Hiebert, a spokeswoman for St. Paul Public Works. “If they’re in a multi-unit building, or they’re sharing, there is no opt-out option

Of course it’s not an option. This is serious business.

And by serious business, I mean “this is a featherbedded contract to generate more city employees, meaning more public sector union dues, meaning more contributions to the Saint Paul DFL.

So with those stakes in mind, you will get exactly the options you are given, peasants!

8 thoughts on “Peasants: Your Overlords Grant You Clemency!

  1. It absolutely blows my mind that with draconian rules like this, the majority of St. Paul residents keep voting their overlords into office. I’m guessing said voters like being ruled over by their betters.

  2. Maybe I missed some previous post, but I had no idea – no, that’s an exaggeration – I had little idea of what this post was about until I did a search and found this site about St Paul garbage.

    BH, one of the more frustrating things about Scandis and their culture is the deeply and widely held belief that government is good so more government must be better.

  3. We’re told it’s more convenient. And will reduce wear on the streets. And save money.

    Okay, none of that is true. My present hauler is completely reliable and paid by auto-pay from my bank account. Garbage trucks don’t wear out the streets, busses do, and we know it because we can see where the streets are beat to death on bus routes. As for saving money, the monthly rate is the same as I pay now except there’s this, from the St. Paul city website . . .

    “An annual fee of $24.60 will be added to your Ramsey County property tax statement to help cover costs for carts, program administration, outreach and education efforts.”

    You know, I’ve never been much of a recycler but I’m beginning to think I could get away with the smallest, cheapest option, if I threw more of my stuff in that bin instead.

  4. I recommend Berquist and Sons, been using their services for almost 30 years. And my alley in that 30 years has never been rebuilt, even with 6 different trucks going down it every week.

  5. We are not in St. Paul, thank goodness, but the neighbors here all got together, signed up with the same company and got a discounted rate. So what happens if you refuse to pay your garbage tax and haul it yourself?

    Sounds like somebody has a case for taxation without representation, and needs to dump that “tea” on some city Council lawn somewhere.

  6. Your hardworking politicians and civil servants are just trying to make life better for you, peasant. Very well, if, out of ignorance and selfishness you wish to complain, you will be allowed to do so at the postern gate of the mayor’s palace from 12:00 to 12:15 PM tomorrow. The usual rules apply, your complaint will only be registered if preceded by the customary tug o’ the forelock.

  7. The progs wont even stop at controlling your trash removal.

    And then there is this:

    At some point, you have to admit a tactical defeat, make an orderly retreat and regroup your forces. IMO, Minnesota has reached that point. The reprobates are in complete control of the public institutions, and they are poisoning the next generations.

    Makes me all the more determined to crush any leftist that shows xer feral snout anywhere near me and mine.

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