Almost Coulda Been

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

John McCain, dying, says he regrets picking Sarah Palin as a running mate in his campaign against Barak Obama and Al Gore.

He wishes he had picked pro-abortion Democrat Joe Lieberman to run as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate.

This tells us all we need to know about John McCain’s firm commitment to conservative principles – none – and why the Republican base absolutely insisted on a rock-solid Conservative on the ticket.  Without her, people like me would have stayed home and McCain/Lieberman would have received no electoral votes at all.

And I for one was worried about that.

7 thoughts on “Almost Coulda Been

  1. I suspect Bush had more to do with McCain losing than his running mate did.

  2. I have to wonder if McCain is channeling “What Happened” in his last days.

  3. And violate the “Buckley Rule”?

    I wasn’t happy voting for McCain, but even if he had Lieberman at his side I’d have voted for him. I just would have been less happy about casting my vote.

    Really, do you think McCain would have run roughshod over the Constitution like Obama, especially with a Democrat Congress to keep him in line? I doubt it. As the lessor of two evils, he was certainly far, far preferable to Obama. Heck, it’d have taken another Francisco Franco to make me even consider voting for the collectivist beast that wound up occupying the White House. I think Obama has done more long term damage to our republican form of government than people really understand at this point. He’s made Trump of all people look like a calm and constitutionally constrained President in comparison!

  4. Even the Buckley Rule has its limits. Since 2000, nearly everything about McCain shows he is far more desirous of working with Democrats than Republicans. Nothing gave the man more pleasure than poking Conservatives in the eye. A Representative from a blue district is one thing, for example, but when your standard bearer is unable (like GWB) or unwilling (like McCain) to espouse conservative principles, you are better off without them. We got Trump because of Obama, but we got Obama because of GWB.

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