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  1. That’s essentially what Broward Co, FL did (and won grants and awards for it), which leads to 39 encounters with police by an individual with no charges filed, which does wonders for one’s background check when buying a gun. It’s such a great idea that the Minneapolis and St. Paul schools are trying it, too! Crime rates don’t go up, but maybe take a look at your workers comp claims and premiums.

  2. Their most recent study concluded immigrants were 2.1 as likely to commit crimes as native born Swedes. That’s fine but, of more importance is the question of what benefit those that are not assaulting and raping Swedes bring?

    How many are on the dole? What effect does a horde of illiterate kids have on the school system?

    Simply not being a criminal is hardly an endorsement, IMO.

  3. Another way to reduce violent crime rates is to reclassify the offenses.

    If Jimmy shot Billy with a Glock 9mm, but failed to pick his brass, we could call that “littering.”

    If Jimmy broke into Billy’s home and stole computer, TV, DVD, and game console that will cost $2,500 to replace, we could call that “trespassing.”

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