The Star Tribune: Fake News, Fake Data


Carefully hidden:  According to a little over 600 phone calls, of which nearly 2/3 were conducted in the Metro area.  

My read:  the Strib is switching into full-blown campaign mode, meaning “pimping the DFL’s line no matter what damage it does to what little credibility they may still have among their painstakingly ignorant base, and the DFL’s painstakingly ignorant base (pardon the redundancy”

12 thoughts on “The Star Tribune: Fake News, Fake Data

  1. Liberals believe that if we pass just one more law, criminals will become law-abiding and all the killing will stop.

    The White Queen would be so proud.

  2. It also matters how you ask the question. If you said “do you support laws that do nothing to stop criminals, but do infringe on the rights of the law-abiding?”, I’m guessing you’d get different answers.

  3. I feel so sad for (and angry about) people like my parents (in their 80s) who have always looked forward to starting the day with a caffeinated beverage and the Strib. Heck, for many years, I did too, but then the piles of offal presented daily using the well-practiced and well-done guise of chin-stroking seriousness just became too much for me because I had alternative sources of info like this blog.

    Many people and the pre-Boomer generation in particular, have expectations of integrity and trust in the media (among various large institutions) and a lack of interest/skill to explore alternatives. And these people are jerked around with daily BS that is so obvious to me; and when I point it out, they don’t want to hear it.

  4. jdm,

    I don’t know if I feel sorry for them. After all, they gave us Amy Klobuchar, because her lefty dad wrote a column in that rag.

  5. bosshoss, I feel sorry for them because they don’t know any better, but you do make a good point (“she seems so nice” is a description often heard among that group).

  6. Heh, it works. Using a computer that wouldn’t submit comments in the past. But anyway……. Mitch. A younger female used her CC firearm to protect herself when a man got into her car in a Wal Mart parking lot in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She did everything right. Display the gun but did not discharge it. The man fled.

    But the thing is….reading the comments to the story on Eau Claire tv station’s Facebook page…there are a lot of women out there who have CC permits, and many more who are thinking of getting one. And by the way…..Trump did surprisingly well in this area in November 2016.

    If you’re on Facebook, go to WEAU Eau Claire for the story, but more importantly for the comments.

  7. Oh, and the lady who prevented herself from becoming a victim is part of the discussion on the Facebook page. Mitch, maybe someone to interview on the radio.

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  9. Anything that starts out with “Minnesota poll shows” is fake news. But underneath that, these polls prove repeatedly that the majority of Minnesotans (at least those polled) are idiots. Of course we have a state legislator doing a sit in on the House floor today demanding that the Legislature “do something” about guns. So, what are the qualifications for leading an army of idiots?

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