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  1. California is in the right here. Tesla’s injury rates are incredibly high, especially for a company that relies on robots as much as it does. The article also indicates part of why; in a world where 8% of men (most autoworkers) are color-blind, their robots–big ol things capable of moving motors and batteries–are painted red. What he’s saying is that he hired whiz kids out of college and ignored established manufacturing engineers who understand that if it moves and can hurt you in your factory, it had better be orange or yellow for visibility.

    If it weren’t for billions of taxpayer dollars going up in smoke, and if it weren’t for those workers getting hurt, I’d be popping the popcorn.

  2. “Tesla pushed back against the [Reveal] story in a lengthy blog post on Monday, calling it “an ideologically motivated attack by an extremist organization working directly with union supporters to create a calculated disinformation campaign against Tesla.”


  3. Yikes. Upon re-reading the report, it’s worse. Musk not only ignored the experienced guys, but appears to have chased them out with “I don’t like yellow”. So it’s not a blind spot at all, but a willful rejection of wisdom. Ouch.

  4. Bubba, he will probably move to Mexico.

    The Mexicans don’t give a shit if you have yellow or red, and they have enough unskilled robot tenders to spare a few.

    Look for Musk to tweet about how much he likes pork burritos. Pork burritos; that’s the signal.

  5. First the wall, then Trump would send Tesla down there? Do you want a freaking war, Swiftee? Remember that we never caught Pancho Villa!

    Seriously, I’ve interacted with Mexican customers and seen my former company’s response to some bovine scat at a factory down there, and one of my best friends here visits Mexico a lot on business. Suffice it to say that I’d guess that even though Mexico is a developing country, they’re getting wise to BS operators that are going to get a lot of their countrymen killed.

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