The Progressive Cage Match

The CD8 DFL had a very long convention on Saturday,  After ten ballots, everyone promised to go to the primary.

Nothing especially unusual htere.

The unusual thing?  The DFL trucked a bunch of Latino activists from the Twin Cities to canvass for the Metro DFL’s chosen candidate.

Phifer, a college professor who previously worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, initially entered the race to challenge incumbent DFL Rep. Rick Nolan.

When Nolan announced his retirement in February, Phifer had the advantage of a five-month head start over the four candidates who jumped into the race afterward. It showed on Saturday: her blue-shirted supporters were a vocal presence in the convention hall, and she got the most votes of any candidate on each of the 10 ballots.

But Phifer’s background as an ICE employee revealed a deep rift on immigration: members of the Latino DFL Caucus protested her candidacy and urged delegates to reject her in a speech from the floor, one of the convention’s most dramatic moments.

Which leads us to the sort of unintended comedy that makes me love the Metro DFL so much.  Alondra “The Brain” Cano, tweeting (what else) about a Duluth DFLer’s response to the fllood of – I”ll emphasize this – non-CD8 ringers – with the sort of club-footed fake victimization that’s become her trademark:

Don’t you just love it when elected members of a one-party autarchy with boundless political privilege and power unimaginable to regular schnooks start whining at other people with similar Urban Progressive Privilege about what victims they are?

13 thoughts on “The Progressive Cage Match

  1. I don’t see why outstate Minnesota should get to choose their own representatives, that’s contrary to the fundamental principle of top-down socialist rule. What if the locals choose poorly? Surely it would be better if the wise Latinas of the metro DFL machine hand-picked the candidates for Congress. For that matter, why are Democrats in the various states picking who will run for Congress. What if the states choose poorly? Surely it would be better if the wise mullahs in the DNC hand-picked the candidates? Keith Ellison – call your office.

  2. Can you imagine the smell in that convention room? I swear, I’m gagging just thinking about it.

  3. WTF is “Latinx”? This some new kind of bastardized Spanglish, or just Moonbat barking?

  4. Just guessing here, Swiftee, but if Latino is Masculine and Latina is Feminine then we must come up with LatinX to accommodate those in transition, or questioning, or the rest of the LGBTQIAPK who are every bit as entitled to be treated respectfully as a normal person.

    Oops, did I say normal? There I go, micro-aggressing people again. Dang, I hate when that happens.

  5. WTF is “Latinx”?
    because Latina/Latino are gender specific it is necessary to contrive a genderless identifier for the collective identity that is non-white Hispanic.

  6. Pig Bodine on April 16, 2018 at 3:42 pm said:
    WTF is “Latinx”?
    because Latina/Latino are gender specific it is necessary to contrive a genderless identifier for the collective identity that is non-white Hispanic.

    They are taking on the genderless language used by their white masters. Not very impressive.

  7. That tweet is one of the best examples of Liberal madness I’ve run across. As far as I can tell, the designations “masculine” and “feminine” in Spanish have nothing to do with gender roles, patriarchy, subservience, or any of the other evils liberals want to battle by ridding the world of boys and girls in favor of children. My hermano is my brother because of his chromosomes, not because he favors trousers over a skirt. To battle against truth for the sake of making everything equally false is the work of the devil.

  8. It is deliciously humorous that in a group of people of mixed gender, the members are referred to in Spanish as masculine even if only one of the group is male. That drove the simple-minded bimbo who taught my daughter’s Spanish One class nuts.

    To the simple-minded, gender designations are very important unless or until they aren’t. Men wear ties (a feminine noun), women wear dresses (a masculine).

    Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget how proper Spanish indicates black people. Más problemas, mi negrita.

  9. As someone who desires that the more conservative residents of the 8th district finally have representation, I fully support Cano’s move. I also agree with Freshfisch that Boss Hogg needs to come up there and campaign for the eventual candidate. Maybe Al Sharpton can visit the Northland as well?

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