The Only Rule Of Academic Club Is “Never Talk About Academic Club”

A university student is under investigation for blowing the whistle on a hack “professor” who believes conservative students are “evil” – her words – and is acting on the belief:

Siena College student Zack Butler is currently under investigation for allegedly violating the school’s code of conduct and could face punishments as severe as expulsion.

His crime? Posting copies of an email sent March 20 by philosophy professor Jennifer McErlean to an alumnus expressing her resentment toward conservative students and a free speech event they’re set to host next week, a Turning Point USA conference called “Let Freedom Ring” that will feature a variety of prominent conservative movers and shakers.

In the email, McErlean decried conservative students as “evil,” noting she quit a civil discourse committee because working with conservative students was making her “miserable,” according to a copy of the email obtained by The College Fix.

She also let the alumnus know that her quitting this committee has freed her up to protest the “Let Freedom Ring” event.

Sounds like she could fit in at any college or university in the Twin Cities.

However, Mr. Butler is my hero for the day:

Two days after the email was sent, Butler and a friend posted around 600 copies of the email around campus.

“As a conservative student, I was bothered not only by the email but also the response, or lack there of, by the administration and felt something had to be done,” Butler said in a Facebook post. He added their goal wasn’t to offend anyone or to gain attention, but simply to “keep the dialogue going.”

Mr. Butler still has that idealism that comes with youth.

Of course, Big Left wants no “dialogue” – on academia any more than on guns, abortion, the welfare state, political correctness, or anything else.  They want a monologue; they talk, and you sit, handcuffed to the chair, and listen.  Gagged, if need be.

10 thoughts on “The Only Rule Of Academic Club Is “Never Talk About Academic Club”

  1. And we can be 109% sure that this reprobate has been expressing her outrage at the pushback the crisis actors have been receiving.

    “Leave those brave students alone!”

  2. One correction though. The reprobate said the “organizations” are evil, not necessarily the students. Although I’m sure she meant to include them, she didn’t single them out.

    It’s important to be accurate when describing the behaviors of reprobates lest you give them an opportunity to hijack the issue. The behavior is always filthy enough to stand on its own disgrace.

  3. Doesn’t this answer a question that was asked by an SITD commenter the other day? “Why can’t we discuss liberalism any more?” There isn’t any.
    The woman is a philosophy professor, for God’s sake.

  4. The woman is a philosophy professor, for God’s sake.

    Since the only thing on offer at many colleges these days is epistemic closure, she’s got the requisite skill set.

  5. Back during the Bush administration, there was a flurry of articles about whether conservatives and the GOP had reached “epistolic closure,” meaning they were no longer open to new ideas I was surprised then to see the idea taken seriously by some GOP pundits (Fred Barnes, for one). I suppose it was a beltway GOP thing.
    I gotta admit that it’s humorous to read any 800 word Krugman screed complaining about Republicans being ideologues.
    It is the Left, these days, that is all about shutting down the debate, on everything from SSM to gun control to abortion to immigration, legal and illegal.

  6. Typical “debate”
    Pro-life person:”Maybe you shouldn’t kill a near term aborted fetus if it survives the procedure?”
    Pro-choice person:”Ideologue! Religious zealot!”

  7. I’m reminded of hearing, as an undergrad, about a philosophy professor at Michigan State whose feminism was so strong, she refused to acknowledge the existence of male students in her class. Back then, the way you found out about her (and avoided anything she taught of course) was through the grapevine. Nowadays, communication is a lot easier, and it seems the leftist thugs out there are a bit slow to learn about the new paradigm.

  8. bikebubba on April 18, 2018 at 8:41 am said:
    I’m reminded of hearing, as an undergrad, about a philosophy professor at Michigan State whose feminism was so strong, she refused to acknowledge the existence of male students in her class.

    These days she would get busted so bad by the trans rights crowds.
    Q:How can you tell a non-gender conforming trans woman from a man?
    A: You can’t!

  9. MP brings up an interesting fact.

    As leftist ideology strays farther from reality, science, biology, physics & etc., it always eventually comes into direct conflict with itself.

    That’s what happens when you apply templates to your life that were drafted by raging lunatics during Adderall fueled, all night delusions.

    This might warrant another Berg law.

  10. Swiftee, Trump was elected to disrupt a status quo that is unacceptable to about half of American citizens. It would be even more disruptive if every non-minority Trump voter began to identify, in the public sphere, as a minority. Go on, pick your favorite. It is the achilles’ heel of a system that wants to hand out privilege based on what it believes are cultural constructs called “race” and “gender.”
    The only way to prove you wrong would be to use biology, which would prove that the idea that gender & race are cultural constructs is false.
    I’ve heard that half-white, half-Asian students currently self-identify as white on college apps to get round the de facto quotas on as Asian students at the Ivies. This is America; the people — yes, even the hillbillies — are smarter than the government.

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