Persona Non Grata

SCENE:   A recording studio.  Mitch BERG is recording a voice-over for a video about Minnesota politics. 

BERG:  Democrat activist and former candidate Lindsey Port, whose allegations of sexual harassment against Al Franken led to his political demise…

PRODUCER:  (breaks in) Er, let’s cut there.

BERG:  Is everything OK?

PRODUCER:  Yeah – but Port didn’t actually file charges against Franken.  Franken was never alleged to have harassed her.

BERG:  Ah.  So – do it again?

PRODUCER:  Yep.  Take two!

BERG:  Lindsey Port, whose condemnation of Al Franken led to his resignation..

PRODUCER:  Er, cut.

BERG:  OK, what’s up?

PRODUCER:  Port didn’t condemn Franken.  She never even mentioned him.

BERG:  OK, so what happened?

PRODUCER:  Democrats think the fact that she talked about sexual harassment at all helped lead to Franken’s resignation.

BERG:  Really?

PRODUCER:  Really.

BERG:  That’s just crazy.

PRODUCER:  I know, right?

BERG:  Minnesota Democrats, right?

PRODUCER:  Yepper.  Take three?

BERG:  Lindsey Port was attacked by Minnesota Democrats for standing for something they claimed to believe in…

PRODUCER:  Perfect.  That’s a wrap.


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