Perhaps I’m not prominent enough a conservative for anyone to bother with censoring, but I haven’t been affected yet; my Facebook account remains untouched, my Twitter account (which I don’t use for much, as I hate Twitter with an abiding fury) hasn’t gotten messed with (other than continued stalking by a dissociative old duffer, which isn’t “Censorship” so much as “low comedy”), and generally things are OK.

Knock wood. know people like me are getting more and more rare in the world of conservative social media.

5 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. A key issue is the amount of personal data people share, often unwittingly, and there needs to be better education on protecting oneself plus being able to restrict/remove data.  Ever tried to delete a Facebook account?

  2. From Mr. Berg: “Perhaps I’m not prominent enough a conservative for anyone to bother with censoring, but I haven’t been affected…”

    Tut, tut Mr. Berg. You are prominent enough.

    I’ve been “shadowbanned.” I assume it’s a Facebook thing because I have to log in to Facebook to post my comments (on another site). With “shadowbanning,” you post comments and see them yourself, but nobody else can view them or comment on them. It’s like sending a letter to the editor of the Star Tribune and having the mailman throw it away. Once you know that’s happening, your motivation to write any letters is dramatically reduced. Nice tactic, don’t you think?

    I know it would be easy enough to create a new identity/account in order to bypass the shadowbanning, but I still think it’s the stand-up position to write commentary under my real name. I continue to make comments where I’m shadowbanned for practice, and to document the dates. I end my commentary with “class action.” I figure my piece of Mr. Zuckerberg will be worth at least a 59-cent check sent to me by a law firm some years after I’ve “passed.”

  3. […] as I hate Twitter with an abiding fury […]

    I’ve never understood why anyone would expect anything other than conflict and inane discussion in a medium restricted to bumper-sticker length thoughts. So you can guess how often I use Twitter.

  4. Many folks seem non plussed, but anyone that ever engaged an argument against liberals on a prog website is surprised it took leftist social media so long to begin the pogroms against diverse viewpoints.

    What puzzles me is, why seemingly common sense folks continue to participate with something they hold an abiding fury for.

    Twitter is a cesspool of self-loathing bugmen, raving leftist reprobates and lunatic academics; one can count on swift retribution noticing those facts, there. Facebook is a powerful data collecting survelliance system that counts on our inherent nihilism to operate.

    Forgive me, but I don’t see the attraction.

  5. GoogleTube released a new TOS this week that says offering, custom triggers, bump stocks, private sales (evidently even through FFL) or magazines of more than 10 rounds, instructions on how to assemble an AR or any other weapon are violations.

    GunsAmerica, Cheaper Than Dirt and Classic Firearms have responded, but are preparing to be banned.

    The big firearms manufacturers are next; bet on it. Seems like the perfect time for a paradigm shift.

    The combined business of big retailers, the NRA and manufacturers like Winchester, Remington, Henry, Colt, MagPul, Browning, Beretta USA etc. should be enough to keep upstart media sites afloat until they start getting content from other sources.

    This could be a sea change. Crisis is an excellent environment for entrepreneurial growth.

    I’m putting a business plan together.

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