You Have The Right To Remain Off The Record. Should You Choose To Waive That Right…

“I accepted the results of an opinion poll taken in a country where it was illegal to hold certain opinions. You can imagine the poll-taking process: “Hello, Mr. Peasant, I’m an inquisitive and frightening stranger. God knows who I work for. Would you care to obstensibly support the dictatorship which controls every facet of your existence, or shall we put you down as in favor of the UNO opposition and just tear up your ration card right here and now?””

— P. J. O’Rourke, Give War A Chance

I got an email from Minnesota Public Radio news the other day.

And it was a tough call.

On the one hand, I generally think MPR News is above board.  Generally.

On the other, they have gotten funding for “gun violence” coverage from the Joyce Foundation which was, before Michael Bloomberg’s billions inundated the market, the biggest funder of criminal-safety groups in the US.  And while I can’t show a cause-and-effect relationship, I have my suspicions that that funding caused MPR to make some bad editorial decisions.  (I’ve asked MPR News for comment – but they don’t talk on an official basis with plebeians).

I thought about it.

Then I read the website the email linked to (images of survey provided below; click on them to see full size).


And I just have to ask (although MPR never answers questions) = are you serious?

Did anyone actually answer?

I mean, I would – I own no guns, because they terrify me, and I’d never shoot another human being for any reason.

But given MPR’s close ties to the Metro DFL, I would just love to know what they were thinking – and what they thought shooters would think.

16 thoughts on “You Have The Right To Remain Off The Record. Should You Choose To Waive That Right…

  1. Why do I own an AR-15?

    Truthfully, I never thought I needed one. I already had two rifles in .223 – a Ruger Mini-14 semi-auto, and a CZ bolt action.

    But then I saw video of some California politician ranting about “ghost guns” and I thought “I gotta get one of those.”

  2. In order to provide our listeners with more information, MPR will publish the name and home address of every person who responded to the poll claiming to own one of these evil weapons of mass destruction. We encourage our audience to stop by their homes to discuss with people why they need perfect killing machines whose only purpose is to murder innocent children. Just a service we provide, you’re welcome, no need to thank us.

  3. “chainsaw attachment”

    Is that what the thing that goes down is for? I always wondered . . .

  4. Just a service we provide, you’re welcome, no need to thank us.

    JD, you missed a disclaimer: And if you get shot dead for trespassing, do not blame us.

  5. Was it a newspaper or radio station in Connecticut that published all the names and addresses of registered gun owners after Sandy Hook to “protect public safety”?

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  7. Tired: AR-15
    Wired: AR-10

    I see the price on .308 AR’s has gone below $1k. The manufacturers have decided the market is saturated, so they are marketing a platform that has growth potential.

    If I was a gun guy, I’d be happier than hell. America: A chicken in every pot, an AR in every safe.

  8. Is there any add-on I can get that would let me shoot a full-throttle chainsaw out of an assault rifle? Maybe with the chain on fire?
    I’m pretty sure Nicolas Cage has one of those.

  9. Chainsaws are boring, MP.

    What you want is the grape and chain launcher attachment.

  10. I got the same “survey,” but quickly found the questions too difficult to answer. I could not Decide among “are you nuts,” “None of your business,” or “I do not have the time nor space to fill the depths of your ignorance.”

  11. Best to be discrete. You never know when I natural disaster might strike and the authorities decide to prioritize weapon collection from legal gun-owners in the name of community protection.

    I used to leave the gun questions empty in my annual physical from my doctor, or write NOYFB in the space. Now, in this climate, I just lie.

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