Never Waste A Crisis

The “crisis” over school security (which isn’t – schools are a quarter as violent as they were 20 years ago) may be causing all sorts of problems…

…but to Patricia Torres Ray, Susan Kent and Chuck Wiger – Metrocrat senators – it’s a fundraising bonanza for DFL public sector union constituents.

Go ahead – read the bill.  It’s got more pork than a Wrigley Field concession stand.

I gotta wonder – when there’s a spree killing, do DFLers hear “Cha Ching?”

10 thoughts on “Never Waste A Crisis

  1. The clear implication of the bill is that prior to the bill, there was no funding for school security. I would guess that comes as a surprise to school resource officers and the guys running background checks on every employee coming through the door!

  2. That meets and exceeds all expectations for reprobate leftist boondoggles. It:

    1. Increases the head count of leftist staff and administrators.
    2. Provides moar money for leftist social engineering.
    3. Precludes anything that would actually have a positive effect on the the issue it purports to address.
    4. Provides another open ended stream of muh investments.

    These are not serious people. Their specious, self-serving twaddle should be simply ignored by all clear thinking adults.

  3. Mitch: it’s worth noting that David Berg hot dogs served at Wrigley–really all Vienna Beef hot dogs served there–are beef, not pork.

    Side note of humor: the Cubbies have a Billy Sunday cocktail bar!

  4. The Praetorian Guard media jackals, showed a video clip of all of these truant kids and dip stick Pinto was right in the middle of them, egging them on. F ing idiot!

  5. bb, obviously you are not caught up with robots taking over flipping burgers and self-driving cars delivering Domino’s (in Detroit, look it up!). MP is right, what is studies major to do but be a tool of the elites?

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