6 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. Asad Abu Mohamed, of Blooooomington.

    Well there you have it. That sammi was crawling in there to thank the lady for rescuing him from the shithole country he was born in. Probably was going to share his khat with her, inshallah.

  2. Wait, doesn’t MTCT have a law enforcement degree program? Maybe he was inspired by the sammi copper in Minneapolis; gonna teach that white woman her place, and keep all the khat for himself.

    So many options.

  3. Mentally ill and most likely on drugs, but I cannot ignore the fact that this is another case where the presumption that a man can enter the ladies’ room if he identifies as a woman is causing problems.

  4. The perp had been picked up twice before for indecent exposure, but charges were dismissed due to “mental incompetency”. Or something….

  5. Swiftee, khat is chewed, and this guy had a pipe. I’m guessing tobacco or something a bit less legal, though khat could explain some of the apparent mental illness he’s experiencing.

    Looking forward to Nancy Pelosi and Libby Schaaf telling us what a fine, upstanding man he is, and how it’s a good thing that many police departments don’t work with ICE to deport.

  6. I wonder why the media isnt publicizing the perps name everywhere? I bet they would have if it was a white guy.

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