The Higher Education Butane Balloon

Students at the University of Wisconson’s Stout Campus must prove they’ve absorbed the PC narrative to Big Brother’s satisfaction before being granted a diploma:

In order to fulfill the requirement, students must complete at least six credits from a list of approved courses that address at least two out of four categories: Global Self-Awareness, Global Knowledge, Global Viewpoint, and Global Engagement.

“Global self-awareness” courses, for instance, focus on embracing the “values of diverse others,” helping students to “develop appreciation for diverse voices and stories and the contributions of cultures and countries different from one’s own.”

The “global knowledge” goal, meanwhile, addresses “the deeply interconnected nature of the world,” with courses exploring concepts like how “the impact of globalized capitalism and neoliberalism on economic systems, inter and intra-societal stratification, civil and human rights, and sustainability” form the “historical roots” of inequities around the world.

The “global viewpoint” category aims to introduce students to different cultural and historical perspectives, while the “global engagement” element teaches students to “take effective critical action” on the basis of their new knowledge by “contributing to positive change in globally diverse, interconnected, and interdependent natural, social, and business environments.”

It took a moment to realize they weren’t talking about Evergreen State.

8 thoughts on “The Higher Education Butane Balloon

  1. Good thing the school doesn’t apply lie detector tests as part of those classes’ final exams. I bet a good percentage of the students quietly go through the motions and say what they are expected to say even if they don’t wholeheartedly agree with the premise.

    The cost of those six required credits is $1402.86 for in-state tuition and more than twice that for out-of-state tuition.

  2. Scary, ain’t it. Progressives are in full blown brainwash blitzkrieg. No wonder they want all kids to go to screwleege so they can turn as many as they can into mindless, soul-less, moral-less Shvonder-eTASS clones ripe for enslavement. I suspect it will only get worse.

  3. They need to remember how badly this kind of indoctrination can backfire. I went through “diversity” training at my company, and one thing that was just spectacular was that our Native American instructor went off on a rant about how unfair it was that companies wouldn’t site factories and such on their reservations.

    There was a knowing smile as everyone who is in the least informed about the BIA and the reservation system realized that the problem was deeper than alcoholism, tribal courts, and the like; it was a complete disconnect from reality on the part of many there.

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  5. “I bet a good percentage of the students quietly go through the motions and say what they are expected to say even if they don’t wholeheartedly agree with the premise.”
    They are learning to comply. Both the Nazis and the Soviets were very good at making people comply on the social level w/o violence. Making career advancement depend on compliance brings most people into the system and makes them complicit with it. They have to defend the system or admit they are hypocrites. Feminists are the worst at insisting that white males internalize their oppression.

  6. I’d guess the approved courses are taught by bitter feminists, long-haired socialists and transgender activists lecturing students in the dead of winter, since that seems to be the faculty at college nowadays.

    I’d offer to teach a special course to fulfill this requirement as an Adjunct Professor. Students will travel to Mazatlán, lie on the beach, drink Mexican beer or margaritas, and eat Mexican food. Students would learn to appreciate the value of diverse others (Pedro, the Mexican beach waiter – keep ’em coming, kid); they would gain an appreciation of tacos, burritos, and guacamole – food contributions from a culture and country different from our own; we might take a tour of the Pacifico beer factory to study globalized capitalism; and we’ll explore the limits of civil and human rights by going topless on the beach.

    Naturally, since I’m the teacher, this course would be limited to that segment of the student population historically underserved by international cultural studies: hot chicks only, no others need apply.

    Where do I sign up?

  7. wondering if this requirement is highlighted parents when they first decide to send their children here?

  8. Doubtful. My alma mater, Michigan State, is now in heap big trouble because of a decades-long habit of hiding things from parents and donors. I personally sent a complaint back in the day because they were removing condoms from the vending machines for parents’ weekend. Fornication, even contrary to dorm rules, was A-OK there, but what was not OK was that the people writing the checks might know.

    I would assume the same applies here. Like they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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