A Time For Calling BS

This flyer was apparently slipped under peoples’ doors in Cedar Riverside – a Minneapolis neighborhood with a large Somali population – “an hour before the caucuses” this past Tuesday:

Give it a read.

I don’t know about you, but to me it reads like someone who wants to caricature what they think an ignorant Republican might write like (and who perhaps isn’t nearly as literate as they think they are, themselves).

And I’m trying to wrap my heads around the idea of a bunch of (clearly white) bigots running around Cedar Riverside stuffing things “under peoples’ doors”…

…according to the person who posted the offending flyer…:

…who, as luck would have it, just happens to work for a DFL-affiliated Somali community group.

Slipping under doors?  Not distributed at caucus sites?

I dunno.  Seems fishy to me.

UPDATE:   Suffice to say, I have my questions:

Five’ll get you ten I get blocked forthwith.

UPDATE 2:  And one day later, it’s in an Ilhan Omar fundraising letter?   That was quick, verifying it’s not a hoax and all. .

Nothing fishy at all.


16 thoughts on “A Time For Calling BS

  1. I am not afraid to call it “fraud.” I have known many racists. Real racists, not cartoon caricatures of racists. They are not Republicans (I had an acquaintance who refused to vote for GW Bush because Bush went on Oprah Winfrey’s show and gave her a kiss). The way these racists view Blacks and other minorities is with contempt. They are smart enough to know that minorities aren’t powerful enough, economically or politically, to threaten them.
    The people whom they hate are white liberals and Jews. Especially Jews, who are seen as master manipulators. Push them hard enough, and they will tell you that a white liberal they hate is descended from Jews (“Roosevelt’s ancestors were Jews!”). They are nuts on the topic of Jews, not Somalis and not Blacks.
    And there not that many people like this, just as there aren’t many members of the KKK (other than FBI informants).
    Real racists also tend to talk big and act small. Smaller even than printing out poorly spelled documents and pushing them under doors.
    Look at the meta data for this incident. Was a police report filed? Who found the flyers, under what circumstances were they found and reported to whoever posted the image? How many of the flyers were found? Is it even physically possible to distribute the flyers in that they are supposed to have been distributed?
    Racial paranoia thrives on the left, not the right, these days.

  2. Based on recent history of just about every hyper publicised hate crime of this kind being a hoax, i say the odd are in favor this being the same are extremely high.

  3. MP,

    I plan on checking in wiith the MPD about any police reports on this episode.

    I wanna see how they’re doing, finding a couple of white guys walking through the West Bank, shoving things under peoples doors and yet disappearing like the icy north wind.

  4. In a dense urban area like Riverside, surely the person who distributed these flyers was captured on a security camera. Shouldn’t they have security cameras inside Riverside itself?

  5. The Mpls PD probably still has it resources tied up in investigating the mysterious explosion in the Cedar-Riverside apartment building a few years back, even though the investigation has been hampered by the remains of the building being demolished before the investigation was complete.

    And, as I alluded in another thread, the first white person to want to insist on proper identification for caucus attendees was Phyllis Kahn.

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  7. Ignorant message, hate filled verbiage and wanton abuse of the English language.

    That puppy has Dog Gone written all over it. Be easy for a mentally disabled, white female reprobate to put a black sack on and travel among the Somali ingrates.

  8. NW brings up an interesting point; lot of mysterious, never to be solved acts of aggression in the ingrate Somali community.

  9. JPA, I said exactly that same thing last night on FB in response to Sue Jeffers’ post about this.

  10. I’d like to see a photo or better yet a video of someone pushing a piece of paper under a door at Cedar Riverside. Most apartments have tight sealed doors to control hallway noise.

  11. The flyer does get one thing right. Somali clan politics did turn their country into a steaming shithole.

    A Freudian slip? I can see it in there.

  12. MBerg wrote:
    . . . and yet disappearing like the icy north wind.

    I live in an area without many blondes. I have light hair and blue eyes. Just yesterday I went to the local convenience store and bought a brick of cheese and a bottle of beer. The Asian checkout girl said “Ah. A Viking feast!”
    I laughed and told her the joke about an Irish seven course meal (a six pack and a potato).
    Maybe I should have charged her with a hate crime?
    Or do you think that she was flirting with me? She was cute, though she did have a lot of tattoos.

  13. I’ll believe it was a “Republican” behind the flyers when the next one asks questions about Ilhan Omar’s marriages and immigration shenanigans.

  14. A 19-year-old Minnesota woman has been charged with attempting to provide material support to al-Qaeda, committing arson out of anger because of U.S. military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and lying to the FBI about urging fellow St. Catherine University (SCU) students to “join the jihad” against the United States, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced.

    Just wondering what the Red Tribune had to say about that. Or Bihi.

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