A Good Guy With A Gun: Two Lives Saved?

A citizen with a carry permit interrupts a robber attacking a cop:

“Had he not been in the right place at the right time, who knows what would have happened,” Cpl. Cory Waters told the media. “But he definitely stopped the attack from continuing and becoming much worse. He might have even saved either one of their lives. It could have gone really bad, even for the suspect.”

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12 thoughts on “A Good Guy With A Gun: Two Lives Saved?

  1. How’s our local “good guy with a gun” Alexander Weiss doing? Apparently Mr. Weiss doesn’y fit the narrative?

  2. I’m actually friends with a family from the church he attends, and he’s out on bail, which means that whatever the DA thinks he can make stick, it ain’t murder one.

  3. Disappointed, Shvonder-eTASS? Awwww shucks. But then your whole lives are full of disappointment. Keep trolling, cupcakes.

  4. Emery,

    a) Nobody said carry permit holders were perfect. But the math is pretty clear; we’re two orders of magnitude closer to it than the general public.

    b) He’s innocent until proven guilty. We shall see.

  5. BB: I’ve read many positive things about Weiss. Church leader, youth activities counselor etc. It’s an interesting story with a sympathetic individual as the ‘alleged perpetrator’.

  6. Sympathetic person is accused, yes, and there is some scuttlebutt going around about the possibility that the deceased was stoned at the time. Combine that with four people in the deceased’s vehicle, and one can envision a decent argument that proper tactics/retreat might change.

  7. Whenever a person tells me that cops, but no one else, should be allowed to carry a gun, I ask them how much they know about cops. Alcholism, drug use, and mental illness (given their suicide rate) is much higher than the general public. Their level of education isn’t terribly high, and many if not most of them come out of the military where they did not employ constitutional measures to do their job.
    Often they have unions that protect them from disciplinary action.
    Ordinary citizens should be allowed to carry guns because the cops carry guns, not in spite of it.

  8. MP,

    I know that a degree doesn’t necessarily equate to intelligence, but many police departments require them to qualify as a candidate.

  9. Yeah, I know, I am out of date. I have a brother who was an MP in the air force back in the 90s. When he got out he tried to get into the Anoka county sherriff dept. because they would acceprt his military experience in lieu of a degree. Not so for city police forces. He ended up taking a job as a guard at Stillwater.
    In my current place of residence (Hawaii County) the cops are notorious. They drive their own cars and put a blue bubble light on the roof when they are on duty. There are only 300 of them, and in a five year period two of them were convicted of murdering their wives. Two cops ran people down on the road in their police vehicles. Jesus.
    I don’t mean that people should be armed to protect themselves from the cops, but that if you are going to arm these guys, WTF? I can’t carry a gun?

  10. Ordinary citizens should be allowed to carry guns because the cops carry guns, not in spite of it.

    Allowed? It is our right. It is the second amendment. And for precisely this exact reason. To protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.

  11. Regarding officers and guns, exactly what would make us believe that passing a background check that 98% of adults can pass, going through a training program that seems to select for the kids who were “a bit rowdy” in school, and getting a government paycheck would make them inherently more moral people than the rest of us?

    Besides a good portion of a fifth, of course, or maybe some of that good stuff being grown in California and Colorado these days.

  12. The background check most cops get is the same as the background check for an Uber driver.

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