Some Mysteries May Never Be Solved

A friend of the blog writes:

I laugh every time I go past Common Good book store. I wonder where all of the #metoo protesters are. You know, the ones who are having a fit every time Trump even looks at a woman now. Why are they not picketing the book store owned by Garrison Keillor, especially now that we have more information on his creepiness?

The #MeToo protesters wrenched their backsk performing logical gymnastics avoiding criticizing the Clintons.  Their doctors told them to go easy on Keillor.

7 thoughts on “Some Mysteries May Never Be Solved

  1. It’s all opportunistic, sad to say. Franken’s groping and forced kissing doesn’t matter, but we are to see Amy Schumer as somehow equivalent to Larry Nassar’s victims, never mind that she apparently got naked, intoxicated, and horizontal with legs spread and wondered how on earth her boyfriend ever got the idea she was ready to have sex.

    In other words, they’re saying #WeControlTheNarrative, suckers.

  2. I have two issues with your propaganda here Mitch.

    First point of issue, you have no time nor context. That’s called cherry-picking. Clinton was running as a rebuttal to Reagan and Bush. He had a checkered past which had NOT BEEN CORROBORATED, certainly not in any way close to the corroboration which has been provided regarding Trump. Second, at that time, 1992, shortly after the Clarence Thomas investigation, most Dems felt that if the GOP doesn’t give a damn about Thomas, why shouldn’t they hold their nose and vote for Clinton? The attitude about and movement against sexual harassment wasn’t as vocal or forceful. It lacked backing, backing which, coincidentally Mitch it got almost EXCLUSIVELY from the Democrats, not the GOP, since the #METOO movement started. Keilor has been pushed out at MPR in what we at least understand now was not more than weeks, likely days. How long did it take to push out O’Reilly? Years.

    Last point, the comment you’ve quoted seems to minimize Trump’s disgusting conduct. Trump has done FAR FAR more than just look at women sidelong. He’s a sexual predator, he effectively engaged a porn star for sex a few weeks after the birth of his son. He has 17 allegations against him. There is no moral equivalency between Trump and Clinton nor between Democrats THEN and the GOP NOW.

    That said, should the Democrats condemn Clinton NOW, absolutely. I do, I have. Where is the GOP on Trump?

    The further point being, you want the Dems to perform in a way you refuse to yourself. Just like releasing the Nunes memo, done entirely to deflect attention and discredit the investigation of Russian interference in our election and done ENTIRELY as a political hit-job on the FBI, only to then see Ryan talk about the Democrats push back as being a political stunt – you are bitching about something you do in spades, acting as if you are the victim of some sort of hypocrisy when you are anything but.

  3. The comments left by some of my “friends” on Facebook occasionally set me back on my heels. I have to go back and read my original post to ask myself: “Where did THAT come from? What did they think I was saying? How could they post something so completely out in left field?”

    Glad to see it’s not only my friends.

    Penigma: Mitch is using Alinsky’s Rule 4 against you. Liberals assert the woman must always be believed and an accusation is equivalent to a conviction, so the accused must be immediately condemned, exiled and erased from society to become an un-person. See, for example, Christopher Plummer reshooting Kevin Spacey’s scenes.

    Contrast that with the way Minnesotans treat Garrison Keillor. When accused, MPR tossed him out exactly according to Liberal script, but he’s not being protested. His shop isn’t being picketed. In fact, the Strib has run defensive articles for him. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go. With Keillor, LIBERALS ARE NOT PLAYING BY YOUR OWN RULES.

    Mitch called you out on it. You failed to deny it so using normal Liberal analysis, that means you admit Mitch is correct – Keillor is getting special treatment. Minnesota Liberals have decided Keillor is a perv, but he’s our perv, so that makes it okay.

    Glad we could get that settled.

  4. Um, Penigma, Trump was accused of groping, Clinton was accused of being a serial philanderer, and everybody in Arkansas knew it. Uncorroborated my a**, buddy. Suppressed by the press, Hilliary, and James Carville, yes, but uncorroborated my a**.

    And had Hilliary and Carville not sent lawyers to the homes of Bill’s paramours, it’s a good bet Ms. Broadrock would have spoken up in 1992, and Bill would have spent 1993 in taxpayer funded housing, but of an entirely different sort than he actually did. Hilliary too.

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