“You Guys Are Lucky I Don’t Know How To Build A Bomb”

I haven’t talked much about the case of Tnuza Hassan, the woman accused of setting fires at Saint Kate’s last week.   If the allegations in the press are true, she couldn’t have been more clear about her motives if she’d hired a Madison Avenue ad firm:

Tnuza J. Hassan, of Minneapolis, allegedly told police that “she wanted the school to burn to the ground and that her intent was to hurt people,” ..lShe told police and fire investigators, “You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that.”

I’ve reached no conclusions – we don’t know much, and even when we do, my conclusions will be of little or no consequence.

Just a couple of observations:

Hold The Narrative:  The usual suspects have pointed it out – “She’s a domestic Muslim terrorist”.   I’ve seen some snarky comments about Hassan’s family travel plans: ” She said she had been a student at Saint Catherine’s but quit last fall because she and her family were planning to vacation in Ethiopia,”

Which has caused the usual crowd of Fudds to chant “Ah HAH.  She’s going back to her Muslim terrorist hellhole”.

The thing is, though, that Ethiopia is majority Christian; most of its people are Coptics.  There is a sizeable Muslim minority, but there’s just not a lot of strife between the two over there.

And while Somalis have picked up a dodgy reputation – some earned, some unfair – the story of Ethiopian immigration to the US is placid and successful; Ethiopian immigrants’ crime rate is vanishingly low, and they have assimilated well into American society.   And I’ve seen or heard of no split between Ethiopian Coptics and Muslims when it comes to assimilation.

Now – there are plenty of Somali Muslims who’ve moved to Ethiopia over the years; like Democrats moving from Minneapolis to Edina, they have brought some problems with them.  We don’t know much about Miss Hassan’s family or background.   Does that bear on it?

We’ll come back to that.

Homegrown:  When I read Miss Hassan’s rhetoric (as related by the police to the press, anyway), I thought “something here sounds amiss”.

To me, Hassan’s statements didn’t sound like those of a young, self-radicalized Muslim – or, I should say, not just like one.  The tone – again, third or fourth hand – sounded like the sort of thing you could hear (with or without accompanying violence) at a Women’s March, or a BLM rally, an “Anti”-Fa rally, in any campus newspaper opinion (or “news”) section, or any number of other events common among young, identity-politics-addled bobbleheads found on today’s campuses…

…especially relentlessly PC institutions like Saint Kates.

So while many are asking the young Muslim woman accused of arson “do you think you, a woman, could get any kind of education at all in your squalid homeland”, it may be worth asking if in fact Miss Hassan’s little outburst isn’t a repudiation of her education…

…but a symptom of it?

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  1. It’s important not to forget what a winning issue immigration was for Trump and the GOP in 2016. If the Democrats want 2018 to be a big success, and there’s every chance it could be, immigration is not the subject they want to run on.

  2. If indeed Miss Hassan could not figure out how to build a bomb, despite bomb-making instructions being on innumerable websites and in innumerable books, I guess we can endorse a hifalutin’ liberal arts education for all young Muslim radicals, can’t we? What else has the possibility of making such an easy concept impenetrable to those so educated?

    (needless to say, this also explains a lot about why the left wants to criminalize a lot of objects that can be easily be made in anyone’s garage…they really do have no clue how easy it is to make these things from common household items)

    And for my part, I’m 100% for being taxed to pay for her trip back to Ethiopia if she’s convicted and isn’t a citizen. Sorry, you try to hurt people, and you get to go back to where you came from, even if you are a refugee. We are not going to wait until you figure out how to seriously hurt someone.

  3. I assume, Mitch, that your description of religions in Ethiopia as having two majorities is just your way of being inclusive and trying to avoid that Muslims might feel inferior. 😉

  4. “There is a sizeable Muslim majority, but…”
    About 34% of the population is muslim, Coptic is 43% and Protestant 18% .
    The median age is 17.9 years
    The overall literacy rate is 49%.
    Ms Hassan could go back to her country and spend the next 40 years(her life expectancy) teaching children to read

  5. Happened to be reading a WW1 yearbook that went to press in fall 1916, when the war was two years old. The editor’s preface laments, along with much else, that in the course of the war “Aircraft were perfected — mainly that they might rain bombs upon in offensive civilians; hospitals and schools being favorite targets.” In fact, aside from a few zeppelin raids, there had been almost no use of aviation against civilians at that early date, and the highly imperfect aircraft of the time were employed almost exclusively in performing or preventing battlefield reconnaissance. But the journalistic meme that every bomb falls on a baby milk factory was firmly established in advance of the evidence.

  6. Ok, Mitch. Really? Mod for yet another 13 word sentence including this, a, of, a, on and its.

  7. Another day, another immigrant attempts the mass murder of Americans. Welcome to the Utopia our elites have planned for us!

  8. You guys…up there enjoying all that progressive diversity, quality of life and 3′ drifts of schno.

    And pro sportsball!

    I’m so damn jealous I could bust.

  9. We got at least 3″ of snow on MK, Swiftee. Winter storm. Temps at the summit are predicted to be -3.5 C tonight, winds about 20 MPH.

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