“It Takes An Elite Education To Be This Stupid”

Failed former Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges has left the US, dodging the opprobrium from progressives outraged over what her mismanagement of Minneapolis did not only to the city, but to the reputation of American progressivism.

“It’s not completely justice, but it’s a start” said Ramona Beel-Zebab, spokeswoman for The Association Of Progressive Associations”.

When last heard Hodges … was… was…

Oh, I can’t keep a straight face.

No, Betsy Hodges isn’t running from her legacy.  And good heavens, no, progs aren’t gut-checking their movement over the misery it’s caused.

No, they’re making it part of the next generation’s playbook:

The Harvard Institute of Politics announced Betsy Hodges will be among its 2018 resident fellows.

Her study group will focus on racial equality, policing and local governance.

Some of you may be asking – which half of this post is the parody?

Betsy Hodges on Racial Equality?

Betsy Hodges on Policing?

Progressivism is about making poverty, racial division and inequity permanent bloody shirts to wave in society’s face.

4 thoughts on ““It Takes An Elite Education To Be This Stupid”

  1. Man, not being particularly good (some might say failing) at your actual job is not important; being on the leftist team is all that matters. And from that, it’s just an issue of cashing in on one’s status.

  2. Reprobate leftists are determined to rip America up by the roots; why would anyone believe they wouldn’t target our most elite institutions for special attention?

  3. Remember. Betsy is against the tip credit as part of the $15 minimum wage because she said tipping has its roots in slavery. Seriously. I am not making this up.

  4. This is as good as former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm getting a posh post at Berkeley to teach job creation. At the time, Michigan had the highest unemployment rate in the nation. As I noted seven years ago, what must be coming next is for Kermit Gosnell to get a professoriate of medical sanitation and ethics.

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