Switzerland bans asylum-seekers from obtaining Swiss citizenship if they’ve been on welfare in the past three years.  (Article in German;  If you don’t read German, Google Translate is your friend).

The new law also introduces new criteria for integration. For example, those seeking naturalization must develop Swiss friends and associates. And someone imprisioned conditionally for more than three months is ineligible for naturalization.

There are also various language requirements. Similar to Austria, there are different rules in the different cantons (states) of Switzerland. The highest requirements are in the canton of Thurgau. While (Switzerland in general requires applicants to reach standardized language) level B1, those wishing to naturalise in Thurgau must reach B2 in writing. Spoken level in Thurgau will remain B1.

Preventing people coming for the taxpayer-funded goodies?

Requjiring integration into the language, culture an society?

What’ll they think of next?

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  1. I thought that I would save peev the trouble of commenting, so I wrote the following:

    This is the most racist thing that you have ever written, MBerg. And what about Drumpf’s foreign wife? To consistent, you must immediately call for her banishment. And sure, you can hide an AK 47 in an alphorn, but only white mysoginist Christianists have ever done that!

  2. Thank you MP for saving us from yet another tl;dr screeds. BTW, Swiss would be hiding K31’s, not AK47. But then you were channeling Peev, so appropo.

    But seriously. Wall works. Sensible immigration which protects sovereignty and dispenses with multi-culti works. Why wouldn’t it here? Just because elitist globalists and MSM (ptr) say it does not work? This post should actually be conflated with the pot post from earlier. The goose/gander themes are identical.

  3. We’ve got Somalis, Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvidorians who have been here for a decade who not only cannot speak a word of English…they STILL can’t read or write their own native languages.

    And really, why should they? They’ve got people to do that for them, and if they don’t, one will be appointed for them at no cost.

  4. There should be publications that provide citizens with the knowledge they need to help the government create immigration policy. These publications could be sold in the form of a magazine or “newspaper,” and perhaps have a web presence.
    In the absence of publications like this, I will do my part.
    Most illegal immigrants from Latin America come from Central America or the poorer, southern Mexican states. These regions have adult literacy rates of about 80%.
    Also, most illegal immigrants from Latin America travel from their home region to the US & back again regularly.
    Sounds like a wall would raise the marginal cost of being an illegal immigrant from Latin America, doesn’t it? And what happens when you raise the marginal cost of something? Adam Smith says you get less of it.

  5. I’m hoping we can keep the horde out long enough for them to destroy Scandinavia and the EU. It won’t phase reprobate leftists, but it will take the lie out of their fetid pie holes and make common sense people think.

    I read horror stories; rape gangs, child molestation run amok, “no-go zones”, assaults, murder…but some of it is clearly bullshit… it’s hard to know just how bad things are getting over there. Needless to say, I hope it’s real, real bad.

  6. Imagine; a nation that tells would-be immigrants that if they can’t figure out how to support themselves, they can go back to where they came from. And one that puts a fully automatic rifle in the home of every law-abiding man…

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