4 thoughts on “The CIA’s Fiendish Plan To Kill Off Hipsters…

  1. Uh……. raw water is the only water we get around here.

    Not really sure who is more hysterical, the hipsters or the author.

    Sure, you don’t want to drink water out of a stream even though Davy Crockett did it – because Davy Crockett didn’t have poop from a dozen hog-houses applied to his watershed.

    But worrying about water from a well? Seriously?

    I’d worry about water from an untested well… but who has one of those?

  2. Ahhh, the good old days when you could fill up your canteen from a wild stream in a national park and live (without complications) to tell the tale.

    What’s next? Stop vaccinations? Crazy talk.

  3. I used to stop at the Schmidt Brewery on West Seventh Street to fill up jugs with free water from artesian wells hundreds of feet below the surface. Raw water was better than city water.

    I later lived in the country where we had our own well. Raw water was better than no water.

    My neighbors who lived on the lake had tiny lake lots and sand-point wells. They had raw water AND raw sewage, all in the same aquifer, plus they paid a fortune for it.

    No accounting for taste.

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