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Woman bumped from United (what else?) flight by the imperious Sheila Jackson Lee (D, TX)

Jackson Lee accuses her victim of…wait for it…wait for it…racism.

Woman – Jean-Marie Simon – fires back:

“That could have been Donald Duck in my seat,” Simon, a Democrat, told Fox News on Thursday. “I could not see who had boarded the flight. I didn’t even know who she was.”

It could happen to you:

At first, Simon didn’t know who was in her seat as she argued at the gate. United eventually gave her a $500 voucher and reseated her in the economy plus section. In her original Facebook post, Simon said another Texas congressman then informed her a fellow member of the delegation was in her seat, and “regularly does this” to passengers.

Of course she does.

And if yoiu say “boo”, she plays the race card.

On the one hand, if Simon weren’t a female Democrat, the media wouldn’t be carrying the story.  If she were a white male, the “racism” charge would be carried uncritically.

On the other hand?  More of these spurious charges of racism, misogyny, “mansplaining” and the like need to be jammed back down the accusers’ throats.  Preferably with ball-peen hammers.

TANGENTIAL NOTE:  This is the 15,000th post on this blog since November 2006 (whien I switched to WordPress).

Apropos not much.

14 thoughts on “More Of This Please

  1. Congratulations on 15,000 posts! That’s an amazing total. Thank you for sharing your insights over the years.

  2. Mr. D,



    I’ve long wanted to ask Nekima Levy-Pounds or Alondra Cano exactly what “privilege” I have over them – members in good standing of the dominant political class?

  3. “Think long & hard tell me what price you believe Lee has paid for being Black.”

    Well, she aint pretty! I’m sure she’s paid a price for that!

  4. I’ve long wanted to ask Nekima Levy-Pounds or Alondra Cano exactly what “privilege” I have over them – members in good standing of the dominant political class?

    “You are white, therefore you have white privilege” is not a reason-based statement, MBerg. It should no more be treated as a reason-based statement than “all Jews are rich” or “all Blacks are good at athletics.” “You are white, therefore you have white privilege” is a bigotry-based statement. It is marketed to college students and the managerial class, because they are privileged and mostly white, and because it gives them permission to hate the white working class and poor.

  5. United has kowtowed to SJL before and will continue to repeat it. She’s truly a despicable critter. I seem to remember Wellstone flew in coach, SJL believes she’s entitled to 1st Class………at all others expense.

    Woo-hoo!!!! +15K posts…please keep them coming Mitch….God Love Ya!

  6. Speaking of virulent racists, WOW. Mitch’s pal Bob Collins has gone full on <a href = "; Andrew Anglin:

    “Ideally, the Strib would hang out a “white men need not apply” shingle since the newspaper’s lineup of voices is almost exclusively male, white, and comfortable.”

    Will “NewsCu(n)t” follow the “Daily Stormer” into the black web?

    Seriously though. I am fascinated by the left’s emerging racism, and the speed with which it’s becoming increasingly virulent. I’m also fascinated by the inverse paths right wing racists (KKK for instance) and Leftist racists (Bob Collins for instance) have taken to find the same sweet spot.

    Back in it’s heyday, the klan was overt in it’s hatred for blacks. They could afford to because mainstream America agreed with them. As the worm has turned, racist groups have taken to couching their hate in pseudo-intellectual clap-trap. They are most often are seen as promoting the positive aspects of the Caucasian race, rather than denigrating blacks.

    Leftists started at the opposite end. Because they had to convince people that the irresponsible, violent manner in which many black Americans conduct their lives are not their own doing, the left started by promoting the positive aspects of minorities, and as public opinion has started to favor them, they have increasingly turned to denigrating Caucasians.

    They’ve done the same thing with citizens from South America that sneak across the border and settle into our public assistance safety net, or lives of crime. Forget MS13, folks…have a tasty plate of fajitas! And oh yeah, who picked that lettuce for you?

    I suspect this has something to do with the differences in brain wiring and indoctrination, but I can’t put my finger on it. I hope an anthropologist emerges to study this phenomenon when civilization rises back out of the dust of our impending collapse at some future time.

  7. Saw you dipped your toe into MPR’s little corner of racial hatred Mitch. Saw What you did there….hit the floor with a thud; sorry.

    What you need to understand is those reprobates don’t see themselves for what they are. Bob Collins and his ilk think they are doing the right thing…They believe in their conclusions and that history will bear them out.

    Well, so does Andrew Anglin and the people who frequent Storm Front. So did the Klan.

    And within the boundaries of racism, they are both equally justified, and have equal odds of being found correct…fuck them all.

  8. I’m banned from responding to BobX Collins on his wedsite, but I wonder if it’d be ok to do so here. The precious little twaat cannot go unanswered.

    “I think diversity is perspective from different experiences. I’m bored with predictable content. Bored.”

    That’s why he runs an echo chamber, naturally. (Bergs 5th again).

    “I want to read something I never thought of before.”

    Only a real dimwit would believe he’s gonna find a new idea on the internet, anywhere, but especially in a leftist newspaper column.

    “I also want to read less politically based columns. I haven’t read a fresh thought about politics in years.”

    Oh, fuck you. During the past 10 years, BobX has jumped into political polemics heart and soul. He may not have heard a fresh thought, but he needs to be able to listen to a differing one first.

    This whining asshole deletes comments that follow his TOS 100% because he has no answer for them, but cannot let them go unanswered….So he makes them unsaid.

    He’s butthurt. He’s out of gas, out of BS. So…

    “I only have about 15 years to live, tops. I don’t want to waste it reading thought reruns.”

    There is a cabin on Pokegama lake just begging for a washed up, butthurt, leftist hack to lubricate it’s old floors with a river of tears….bring your signed, first edition of Lake Wobegone and get gone; times a-wastin’.

  9. While that one clears moderation, let me go on a bit more…BobX has me wound up.

    ““I think diversity is perspective from different experiences. I’m bored with predictable content. Bored.”

    Oh really? Ya want perspectives from different experiences? You want excitement? You want Diversity?

    Well tell ya what, ya little prick; why don’t you sell the house in Woodbury and move your white bread ass into one on Morgan Ave. N? PLENTY to choose from.

    Oh yeah man; set up a table on the lawn says “I want to feel your pain; tell me your experiences”. Offer to give your new neighhbors rides to the store; have em over for dinner…stay the night.

    Be at one with the environment; absorb the culture; there’s not another old white man for miles, you miserable rice noodle.

  10. Yeah, I tried to kick off 2018 as a new, more caring and compassionate Swiftee but the bastards just won’t let me!

    ~Namaste my ass

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