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  1. The worst thing that could’ve happened to Vikings’ fans was when the Twins won the World Series not just once but twice. And in recent memory (that is there are actually people alive who remember it); as opposed to when the football Gophers won the national championship in 1960.

    This would seem to be a refutation of Berg’s 4th Law, but it isn’t. It neglects to understand that the Twins were actually a non-MN team (they were actually one of the many incarnations of the Washington Senators) and so were not subject to this law. It also neglects to understand the truly awesome curse under which the Vikings operate.

  2. Mitch, it’s not late November, so your “law” is more like a “general feeling of something that happens, sometimes.” Sorry bud.

    BTW, I see Roy Moore alleged voter fraud cost him the Alabama Senate seat


    Yet, as with all of these stupid allegations of fraud, Moore can’t provide any meaningful/substantive proof. Funny how last year there were 3 Million illegal votes, so many that the President formed a commission to address voter fraud, yet this year, in deep red Alabama, a blue candidate wins and yet all the voter fraud disappeared. What Berg Law/general suggestion/wishful thinking applies here? I would call it Bryant’s second law, namely, the GOP will accuse it’s opponents of doing something (often without any proof) which they know they are doing in spades, as a defense against future accusation. In this case, the GOP accuses people (Democrats and others) of engaging in voter fraud – without proof – to excuse their own fraudulent “investigation” to support a real fraud of voter suppression. Funny that Moore can’t provide proof even though the case for fraud in Alabama is far stronger this year than last (meaning the case which the GOP is using about abnormal turnout representing fraud). Well, not funny actually, maybe there ought to be a law?

  3. JPA, I cannot agree. I was not contending that the Queens have sole ownership on the list of cursed team market; indeed, both have lost 4 Super Bowls (the first of them, ignominiously).

    If you have a story to tell, I would like to know of something from the Bills that is equivalent to the Gary Anderson choke Atlanta in ’98 – after he set an effing NFL record for not missing a single FG/PAT during the season.

    Brings to mind that Gary Gaetti quote about how “It’s hard to field the ball when you have both hands around your throat”.

  4. peev/Mr Bryant (are you coming out of the closet Mr Bryant?) the thread is about football/sports try to stay on topic or maybe you could post your views re: Judge Moore on your own blog

  5. Penigma, again you blather on way off topic. You should have your own blog…….Oh wait! Rumor has it you have……..must be pretty freaking lonely over there. Each comment you make lends new context to the meaning of TWERP.

  6. Threadjacking isn’t cool, but Peev’s gotta peev.

    As for the Vikings, they may never have a better setup for success. Beware those NFC South teams, though — the Saints have broken hearts around here before, as have the Falcons, and Carolina might be the best team of the bunch.

  7. Nah, it’s a law. One people get on the bandwagon, the Vikes are doomed.

    Who is this “Moore” person you speak of?

  8. jdm, I’ll see your Anderson and raise you a Norwide. Oh, and 4 straight Superbowl appearance without a win. I am afraid I got a royal flush against your four aces.

  9. “To everything there is a season”. Either we get a storybook ending or another hard luck entry in the Vikings historical record.

  10. For me I like to root for the home team, “government investment” in stadiums aside. The best of the best playing the game, nuance of conditions for a given game considered, influence of the refs making right or wrong calls, at the end of the day it’s just a game. Sport is just sport, at the end of the day it has little influence on day to day life, unless some prick takes a knee during the anthem.

    Go Vikes….. Skol Vikings, let’s win this game,
    Skol Vikings, honor your name,
    Go get that first down,
    Then get a touchdown.
    Rock ’em . . . Sock ’em
    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Go Vikings, run up the score,
    You’ll hear us yell for more. . .
    Skol, Vikings, let’s go!

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