8 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendars

  1. The sympathy and admiration from the Ruling Class Left for Castro is crazy.

    About two years ago, there was a local ex-reporter and overt socialist that just went on and on on twitter excusing the Castro regime after he went there. How could you be anymore more poor and trapped? Castro was worth billions when he died. Horrible.

  2. As an alternative to the party at the WP Church they might consider throwing the retirement festivities at the US Embassy in Havana. Add Michael Moore and any number of other Castro apologists to the soiree. Raul can hand out ear plugs to all the revelers.

  3. Has Bernie endorsed a candidate yet…maybe himself? Will Barry Sotero address the convention? Will Madonna be offering to trade blow jobs for votes?

  4. Swiftee, You have me picturing Bernie and Madonna swilling rum drinks standing side by side in their Che t-shirts celebrating all things commie. To your last thought, would Bernie be trying to give Mad-onna French kiss?

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