So Very Very Weird

First, the Trump administration slashed the Obamacare advertising budget by nearly 90 percent.

Obamacare advocates predicted disaster.

Then, the Trump administration cut the open enrolllment from three months down to six weeks – right around half.

Obamacare advocates predicted disaster.

The result? With less time, less money and less churn, Obamacare signed up…

… the same number of people as last year.

Why, it’s almost as if people will seek out freebies without the aid of bureaucrats, or pictures of Pajama Boy urging them to talk healthcare with their relatives over the holidays.

Crazy as that may sound.

13 thoughts on “So Very Very Weird

  1. This post was most comforting to read while I sit curled in a big, overstuffed chair, cradling a steaming Christmas Holiday mug of my favorite chai soy latte, wearing my favorite onesey…NPR providing soothing background noise.

    It brings waves of empathy for everyone, especially the poor, the disenfranchised, the undocumented, the gender fluid and the unprivileged masses. But of course not for white males, like me, who should be beheaded.

    May you all have an empowering solstice, and a happy year of the Dog.

    ~ Namaste

  2. BTW…my earlier salutations are in no way dimished by the unwarranted moderation of the post.

    ~ Namaste

  3. It’s hard to predict which comments get modqueued.

    Anything with “cialis” in it is a prime candidate, thanks to the avalanche of spam re the popular ED drug that happens to share letters with the word “Socialist”.

    Not sure why Swiftee (or for that matter Penigma) get modqueued so much; I’ve actually got some problems trying to fine-tune the spam filter.

  4. MP, that is the effect of your white privilege, therefore it’s not anything to brag about.

    But I shall not dwell upon that, lest my wah be disturbed. Anyway, David Sidiklis is just coming on, and I need another soothing cup of chai.


  5. I hesitate to admit this, Swiftee, but I am not entirely “white.”
    One of my great-great-great-grandmothers was Irish.

  6. Ah, so like me, you are descended from slaves, MP.

    When will these miserable white men ever give us our reparations?

  7. I dunno, Swiftee. The last time I voted, I had to prove my identity with a passport, a drivers license, and three affadavits from Episcopalian or Lutheran churchmen. Also I had to drink the Queen’s health. Sometimes I wonder.

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  9. You mean you don’t have to advertise for a product you’re legally required to buy? News to Democrats, I guess.

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