Since We’re Talking About Harassment

Al Franken resigned so that the full weight of the Democrat noise machine can turn its attention to attacking Roy Moore – thereby returning the narrative to “The Republican War On Women”.

Speaking of which – has there ever been a better Berg’s Seventh Law violation than “The War On Women”?

Anyway – this past few months, our society’s been focused incessantly on the various grades of “Sexual Harassment” – the use of un-consented flirting, “blue” conversation, touching and more aggressive sexual contact, especially that which takes place in the context of a power disparity.    Whether it’s feeling entitled to grab a little “no go zone” anatomy without consent, to trading sex for advancement, to using the resources of the state you govern to silence people who complain about what you do, and everything in between, the genera consensus is “It’s bad”.

So our society’s been lingering for a few months on every possible permutation of sexual harassment, and how society deals with it (“due process”?  “Always believe women!”?  “Always believe women, unless they’re accusing men who are key votes for abortion rights legislation”?), I think it’s time to look at another version.

On The Plantation:  “Progressivism” heaps especial scorn on apostates – Afro-Americans, Latinos, Asians and women wno leave the Progressive plantation.

And no, the right doesn’t do the same thing.    Have you ever heard a conservative rip on, say, Paul Thissen or Tom Bakk for “betraying middle aged white guys” [1] by not being a conservative?   No.  And you never will.

But you do hear mainstream “progressives” tear into black, Latino, asian and female conservatives for, I kid you not, “betraying” their race and gender.  [2]

And if any of them run for office?  They turn psychotic (which brings us to Berg’s Eight Law).

In particular, I’ve talked with a number of female conservatives who’ve related a similar pattern to me; they’ve thought about running for office, or for higher office – but demurred…

…because they knew the Democrat smear machine was going to do in terms of splashing their private life, current, past and long-past, in public.

So let’s get this straight:  to “Progressive” “feminists”, “slut-shaming” women who have had more than one partner in their lives, or who’ve gone out in public dressed as someone other than Hester Prynne, is completely unacceptable –  unless one has:

  • Accused a Democrat politician of some sort of impropriety, in which it will be used to discredit you
  • Run for office as a non-Democrat, in which case it will be used to assassinate your character.

Which, put another way, is using sex to preserve disparate power.

[1] Their narrative about conservatives and conservatism.  Not mine.

[2] Conservatism is never, ever about identity.  Anyone who says it is is driven by narrative, not fact.

10 thoughts on “Since We’re Talking About Harassment

  1. Remember, if you are a progressive, it is enough to SAY you will do something, you don’t actually have to do it!
    Franken did NOT actually resign, he said he would resign at some unspecified future date, leaving the door open to him (much like his hero, Wellstone) recanting at some point when the media spotlight is somewhere else.
    It is foolish to act as though Franken is gone until he actually is gone.

  2. For the umpteenth time – Frankenstein did not resign. Yet. Get yer facts straight.

  3. on 8 December 1987, 30 years ago today at the signing of the INF Treaty, Reagan said: “Доверяй, но проверяй” which is good advice for any dealings with “progressives”

  4. Another good advice is to take a shower immediately after dealing with “progressives”.

  5. If Moore gets elected, I’ve got Ten Bux that says Franken puts on a purple suit and becomes “The Senator Who Was Formerly Going to Resign.”

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  7. gl whisler on December 9, 2017 at 9:01 am said:
    If Moore gets elected, I’ve got Ten Bux that says Franken puts on a purple suit and becomes “The Senator Who Was Formerly Going to Resign.”

    I hope he does not resign. Who gets to choose the senators from Minnesota? The people of Minnesota, not the senators of other states. Let’s get a really good conversation going about Roy Moore, Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy (deserter, don’cha know), and Robert Byrd. Let’s see if we can figure out exactly what the standards of the senate are.

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