Lie First, Lie Always: We Disagree, But We Won’t Tell You Why

This is part 5 of a seven-series tearing apart an article , Busted!  7 Myths About Concealed Carry, Debunked.linked by  linked by specacularly ill-informed DFL House candidate Sara Freeman – who deleted a couple of honest, civil and pointed comments from a post on her campaign’s Facebook page in which she linked to an article from a group called “Resist the Gun Lobby”, entitled (deep breath):

It should come as no surprise that on many of these points, the article doesn’t even try to answer the “Myth” they’re claiming to “bust”:

MYTH 4: Concealed carry permit holders who are lawfully able to carry in their state are often considered “accidental criminals” just because they are traveling to another state with a concealed firearm.

In an article for USA Carry, Ben Findlay wrote, “You probably recall the law-abiding Pennsylvania woman with a valid concealed carry license there who was arrested after driving into New Jersey. She was pulled over for a minor traffic violation and happened to casually mention her .38 caliber revolver concealed in her purse and proudly showed her Pennsylvania permit. She was arrested and faced felony charges and a prison term because she was unaware that it was illegal to carry her handgun in New Jersey, while legal in Pennsylvania. 

The case they’re referrring to is that of Shaneen Allen, a black woman who was arrested in Jersey, not for breaking a meaningful law, but for telling the Jersey State Police she was legally carrying her firearm.  New Jersey, being neo-fascist on guns, takes a passive aggressive approach when it comes to disarming negroes.  Does it work?  Compare crime in Philadelphia and Camden and get back to me.

Does it work?  Philadelphia’s murder rate is an ugly 17.7/100,000 (about double Minneapolis’ rate, and about four times the national average).  Camden’s is double that, and is one of the most dangerous cities in America.

And the so-called “bust”:

Currently, each state decides whether it will recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states. Through reciprocity agreements, states ensure that permit holders from one state can travel to another state with a loaded, concealed firearm without endangering public safety.

Well, no.  More usually – as in Minnesota’s case – reciprocity agreements allow states controlled by crminal-safety advocates to passive-aggressively curtail the rights of visitors.

Part six up next!


3 thoughts on “Lie First, Lie Always: We Disagree, But We Won’t Tell You Why

  1. My friend in NJ tells me that if he is at the range, and hands his gun to his buddy to use, NJ police will consider that an illegal transfer of a hand gun.
    That’ll show those criminal gang-bangers!

  2. NJ needs to be #2 on the target package.

    Only 1 thing worse than seeing a NY tag on the streets of my fair state, and that is seeing a NJ tag. Don’t see Cali tags, thank God.

    Nuking from space is the only remedy left for many of these leftist shit holes.

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