Lie First, Lie Always: A Good Guy With A Gun Vs. A Dumb Person With A Computer

This is part 2 of a seven-series tearing apart an article , Busted!  7 Myths About Concealed Carry, Debunked.linked by  linked by specacularly ill-informed DFL House candidate Sara Freeman – who deleted a couple of honest, civil and pointed comments from a post on her campaign’s Facebook page in which she linked to an article from a group called “Resist the Gun Lobby”, entitled (deep breath):

Up next, they try to prove that 2+2=Blue:

MYTH 2: People with concealed carry permits are law-abiding and highly trained.

We noticed this myth get picked up in an editorial published by the Richmond-Times Dispatch, in which the editorial board writes, “As a group, persons with permits to carry concealed firearms are far less likely to commit a crime than the general public.”

And it’s true; people with carry permits are a couple of orders of magnitude safer than the general public, which we showed even using stats cherrypicked by a gun grabber “Think Tank”:  the comparison is even starker today, as the number of legal carriers has skyrocketed and the crime rate has plummeted.

But wait – that’s not the point they want to attack!

While many states require concealed carry permit applicants to demonstrate that they have received firearm safety training, the gun lobby has worked aggressively in state capitols to weaken or eliminate training requirements for permit holders.

I’ve observed in this space many times (many enough to label an entire series “Lie First, Lie Always” – gun grabbers believe they can say any bilge they want.

There is no link whatsoever between “uniform training” and safety.  None!

The entire “bust” is a deflection aimed at people not smart enough to know  better.


Part 3 up next.

2 thoughts on “Lie First, Lie Always: A Good Guy With A Gun Vs. A Dumb Person With A Computer

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  2. You might state that, if you include peace officers in the sample, that there is actually a slightly negative correlation between training and safety, as I believe the police have a slightly higher rate of shooting the wrong person than do non-police permit holders.

    Of course, that’s not entirely fair to the police, who of course are required to engage (by custom and often by law), and thus don’t benefit from the clearly defensive tactics used by most carry permit holders, but it still illustrates the point. I would say, rather, that the gun community has learned lessons with accidental shootings and does a pretty job of unofficial training.

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