7 thoughts on ““But Why, Oh Why, Do People Say The Strib Is The DFL’s PR Firm?”

  1. Senator Franken, magnanimously waving aside the clouds of suspicion that have settled upon him, and in complete accord with the Democrat Scandal Playbook, has hidden until the storm blew over, very nearly apologized for his behavior and is ready to put it all behind him For The Good of The Nation.


    How could we ever have doubted him?

  2. Anti-Strib, we miss you sometimes, like this time. I can only imagine Il Duce’s response to this one…..and definitely not repeat it at work!

  3. Franken has guaranteed Roy Moore will win by 10%. For that, I’m deeply grateful to the greasy little slob. He should definitely stay.

    Conyers, however, is a different story. After a few weeks of raking him over the coals, he needs to be bounced.

  4. I heard they might be moving to at least the center with Glen Taylor as the owner. The Red Star will be dead soon. I give it 10 years before the issue their last print copy, and 15 until the website closes due to chapter 11.

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  6. How about Esme Murphy going to NEW YORK CITY! to give the ‘Hick from the Sticks’ report that served as Sen. Franken’s Nat’l Media appearance? These people are shameless.

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